Best Guitars To Buy Under 10k in Chandigarh

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Following is a list of Best Guitars To Buy Under 10k in Chandigarh

Hey there, following is a list of Best Guitars To Buy Under 10k in Chandigarh. This blog will surely help you to get the best guitar for yourself. If you really wanna learn to play then buy a guitar that you’ll like to play because if you get a guitar that is hard to play and makes you feel like you won’t be able to learn or play guitar ever, you will most probably quit learning it and lose your confidence. For now let’s hope for the best and i wish you will get a perfect guitar for yourself.

Here we go :-


  • Yamaha F310

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This is one of the Best Acoustic guitar in this price range. Very smooth to handle and the Sound Quality is Immaculate. Now you know it very well that Yamaha is a great brand and getting a guitar in this price range is a great bargain itself. It has a clean and pure finish and the string action is low too. i am sure that you must have seen this one in the hands of many professional guitarists. just remember that you may get a high string action if you buy it online but you can get it fixed later.


  • Yamaha FS-100C

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A decent guitar and beautiful sound, very mesmerising and black looks really cool on it. Yahama seriously made a beautiful product. The finish on this guitar is flawless. but there is only one concern, it will get scratches very easily so be careful. Overall it’s decent. it looks solid, classy, beautiful, with a great sound quality. Sounds as good as F310 .Cutaway help a lot if you like to solo on high notes but also want that yamaha tone over all. 

You can also check this presentation regarding all these guitars .

  • Fender SA-105CE Dreadnought Cutaway

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For an intermediate who really thinks he or she wants to come up a level higher than playing basics moving to fingerstyle and other fingerpickings! With ease may surely go for it. it has got a shiny finish at the back which i do not like but surely that’s not the concern. well overall it sounds amazing and it even has a fishman pickup. you should definitely check this one out. Just remember that you may get a high string action if you buy it online but you can get it fixed later.

  • Kadence Slowhand Series

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It Has a very beautiful premium sound. The guitar has a matte finish which makes it look like a high end guitar. If you find that the action is a bit high that can be taken care of by adjusting the truss rod, since the bridge is already low.It has inbuilt electronics (tuner, bridge mic) and can be connected directly to an amp.This looks pretty unique and gives a very smooth feel while playing. Plus the cut edge on it looks super beautiful.

  • Cort AD810-OP

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 I strongly recommend  this guitar under Rs 10K Budget.Top-Notch matt finish wood quality Pure Value for money & delivers better tremble and base than Yamaha F310. Delivers sharp & accurate tune. Cort guitars are never a disappointment. This one surely fits in the needs of all levels of guitarists.Excellent sound quality and smooth fingerboard. most suitable for beginners who are looking to play guitar for a long way.It is simple dreadnought design with sober finish and affordable price range

  • epiphone dr-100 dreadnought acoustic


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The overall construction and the fitment and finish of the DR-100 are outstanding. The sound is quite good, as is the playability. There are hundreds of more guitars that are not half as good as this one. This guitar plays as good as it gets for a fraction of the price. Excellent construction. Great quality woods are used. This is a guitar worth a lot more than they charge for it. At least an 8 on a ten scale For ANYONE, this is a great buy. For a starter guitar, for a practice instrument, for just fun, this is a great choice.

  • Yamaha C-40 classical guitar

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If the criteria is “value for the money” it is a perfect guitar. The ‘binding’ is just black paint. The fret board is ebonized rosewood, meaning rosewood that’s been stained black. The action’s a bit high but, it sounds beautiful, way better than a plywood body guitar has a right to sound. It has a nicer tone than some models in the $600 range. The tuners work well, (although since it is a nylon string guitar .


you’ll have to tune it frequently while the strings stretch out, but that will be the case with any nylon string instrument). The frets ends aren’t particularly sharp like on many low end guitars, so it’s comfortable to play. The engineers did an excellent job of maximizing tone and usability within the price point.


Well Thank you for checking out this list !!

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