Best Ways To Control Thyroid Naturally

How to control thyroid

Hi Friends! Best ways to control thyroid naturally is  present day demands. So we will discuss here about thyroid. Does you feel fatigue whole day and it causes you down day by day. Do you have faced some problems like weight gain,hair-loss,dry skin,constipation,brain fog,muscles weakness and anxious. Let me tell you all these symptoms are of thyroid. What is thyroid- its a small gland in your neck that makes thyroid hormones.sometimes its produce too much or sometimes  too little of these hormones. If you have too much thyroid hormones it is called hyperthyroidism means thyroid is over-active.

How to control thyroid

Why thyroid hormone is important -Its important for regulation of body temperature,heart rate,blood pressure and metabolism. if thyroid hormone disturb it will slow down body function and so many diseases. Thyroid becomes serious problems if it relates to Goiter. If we eat specific food or taking supplements would not help to control hypothyroidism. Supplements just make you feel better but not complete relief.

Here are some tips to heal thyroid naturally:

Food That Helps To Control Thyroid Naturally:

food that control thyroid

Food play a important role in thyroid control.We should consider food as a medicine and get off all the junks,processed and gluten food.Cut down sugar from your food. Thyroid needs iodine to work well so add fish and diary products in your daily diet. All sea vegetables are full of iodine so add it twice a week in your diet. Spinach,lettuces plays a huge role in our body processes,as they rich in magnesium. Nuts,almonds,pumpkin seeds are full of iron all these supports to thyroid.

Kale is a mild goitrogan  so its should be avoidable .Vegetables like cabbage,broccoli,cauliflower etc.should be in our diet. Gluten free diet like wheat,rye,barley are full of protein. If you have celiac disease gluten free diet may help prevent to thyroid disease. Do not afraid of using butter as it will not affect. Some food should be avoided if you have thyroid:bread,pasta,beer,peaches,strawberry. Your meal must include all nutrients. Sprouts are very good for health.

Make Change In Routine Habits to Control Thyroid:

Never skip meals and starvation both is not good for thyroid people. Skipping food slow down metabolism that cause increase of thyroid. while eating food we should eat slowly as thyroid gland is in our throat. it connected with mind and body whenever we eat and food reach to our stomach, if this process will be so quick our mind will not understand it. So eating slow is good for health.We should use headphone not phone by ear as our ear is awful close to thyroid gland as well. Never eat cold and hot food together its harmful. Early wake up and sleep on time will help to control thyroid. Never sleep late night it is also harmful.

Water Helps To Control Thyroid:

how to control thyroid

Water helps in thyroid so drink lot of water. Hot lemon water helps to balance and detoxify our body. Ginger Tea,Energy Smoothie,Green Juice,Golden Milk, all help to control and maintain thyroid. Soy milk and coffee may help to lower your body ability to use hormone medication. Chinese medicine suggest ginger tea is good treatment for thyroid. Lemon is also best for thyroid conditions as its rich of vitamin C. Home made detox water can very helpful to control thyroid.

Exercises and Yoga To Reduce Thyroid:

Stress and Depression can endure thyroid.By controlling stress and depression will help to maintain thyroid. Doing exercises and yoga we can reduce our stress. Aerobic exercises such as like walking,swimming,biking can help to increase metabolism. Exercises will help to relieve stress and improve our energy. Yoga can cure thyroid issue in many ways like different yoga aasan and breathing exercises help to reduce stress and give energy. Meditation also help to improve our health. Pranayama is also very good for thyroid.Without walk,exercise and yoga you can achieve your goal to control thyroid. Then we can only make our self healthy if we do physical activity.

Home Remedies for Thyroid Control:

detox water helps to control thyroid

We here can make two home made detox water that will help to cure thyroid. To clear our liver we are going to make coriander drink . It helps our liver to clean there will be no thyroid. Add a tablespoon of coriander paste into warm water and mix all and take it empty stomach. Do not eat anything before and after having this drink. they are antioxidant so very useful in thyroid. Make fennel water,one teaspoon of fennel seeds and one liter water store whole night soaked into water. Drink it in the morning,fennel seeds increase metabolism and prevent to elevate thyroid.

Hope this article will help you to heal your thyroid fast!These natural ways will give you ideas to control thyroid as soon as possible.

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