Bike on Rent in Chandigarh

Bike on rent in Chandigarh

Bikes on rent in Chandigarh – Really? Renting bikes is a trend in many cities and this is a growing business as well. The bike rental business focuses on tourists and travelers for local rides only. This business is indicating a bright future in upcoming years.

Do you use taxis for solo traveling or to commute in your city? Now you do not need to wait in traffics and travel according to your taxi driver with paying more. You can get a bike for rent in Chandigarh as well. You can search for bike rental dealers or any local bike rental shop to explore the city streets and many more. So here we are to let you know about some important factors to consider when you get the bike on rent in Chandigarh.

Procedures to rent a bike in Chandigarh

  • First of all you need to find a dealer who can provide you bike on rent in Chandigarh
  • You can call the dealer or visit their website to confirm the charges and available models/types of bikes
  • Once you finalize the deal, you just have to complete the paper work and payment procedures
  • In paperwork you would need License, Photo ID Proof, PAN Card, Passport, Voter Card and 1-2 Passport size pics. Do not worry, your documents will be safe and returned to you after bike is returned to dealer
  • Dealer can demand for submitting the original copies of the documents
  • You have to fill a form with personal details like Name, Address, contact details, Name of id proof submitted, payment deposited, hiring and returning date etc.

Fill in the details properly and verify every detail before submitting the form to the dealer. You will get the bike, after documentation and making money deposits. Renting price can be different from dealer to dealer and seasonally as well.

Bike Rentals in Chandigarh

If you want bike rental from Chandigarh to Manali, Leh, Kasauli. So here we are going to provide you names of some dealers to provide you bikes on rent in Chandigarh. All these dealers provide bikes like KTM, Bullet, Harley Davidson, Activa, etc.

  • Chandigarh Riders
  • Make My Ride
  • Musafir Bike Rentals
  • Journey Of Mountains
  • Thakur Bike Rentals
  • Royal Ridess
  • Royal Riders
  • Awerides

Renter’s Responsibilities

  • While renting a bike rider should check and verify all documents related to the vehicle
  • You should have duplicate or original copies of the bike documents (Registration Check Book and bike’s ownership ,Insurance, Pollution)
  • Renter must check and verify bike’s condition before finalizing the deal
  • Most important, do not mix drink and drive. It’s a legal offence and you can be punished with penalty or arrest
  • You will get traffic cameras everywhere in Chandigarh. So, you must adhere to traffic policies
  • You (Rider) should have a valid license
  • If you are not able to return bike on time you will be charged extra. In this case make sure to inform the bike dealer one day or few hours in advance
  • You cannot allow other rider to use the bike, without dealer’s permission
  • If bike is damaged while renting period, you have to pay for that as well. However if there is any mechanical issue like engine not performing or stopped working or any other problem, immediately inform the dealer about it
  • If your deal is cancelled due to any reason, you can get refund as well (depending upon dealer)

FAQs On Bike Rentals

Q1.) Can I get bike delivered at my location?

Ans 1.) Some dealers provide pick-up and drop service for renting a bike with extra payments. If you are staying at any renowned hotel, you can consult the manager as well. Because many hotels are kept in touch with these kinds of dealerships.

Q 2.) Do I need to pay for fuel as well?

Ans 2.) You get fully maintained, cleaned, and fully serviced bikes. However, it varies from dealer to dealer to include the fuel or not. We suggest you manage fuel charges yourself because it will give you the independence to refill as per your requirement and choices

Q 3.) Do I need to pay any security?

Ans 3.) You have to pay the security amount at the time of renting the bike. You can discuss it with the dealer as well because the deposit will be refunded or adjusted against the final payment.

Q 4.) For how long can I rent a bike?

Ans 4.) You can rent a bike on an hourly basis or per day rental plans. If you get for a longer duration, you can get discounts as well. If you are a group traveler or referred well-known traveling agency, you can rent a bike for a month as well with huge discounts.

Q 5.) Is there any penalty if bike is not returned on time?

Ans 5.) You should return the bike on time. In case you are not able to return the bike on time or you need to extend the rental duration, it is your responsibility to inform the dealer in advance and discuss the additional charges. This would be business negotiation only, not any kind of penalty

Q 6.) If I get challan while using the rental bike?

Ans 6.) You must abide by the traffic law. In any case, you get Challaned for voiding the law; it will completely be your responsibility. You should inform your dealer immediately of such incidents

Q 7.) Do I have to ride alone?

Ans 7.) Definitely, you can get a pillion rider as well. But you have to abide by traffic rules as well. Both of the users should wear helmets.

Q 8.) Can I make an online booking?

Ans 8) Yes, you have to visit the dealer’s website or content him on phone. He will provide you with all details. Some of the dealerships send agents with all required documents and help you to complete all formalities with on-location bike delivery

Q 9.) Do I need to carry accessories on my own?

Ans 9.) The bike renting business is trending and growing rapidly. Dealers are smart enough to understand user requirements, hence they are equipped with most of the required accessories. You can get helmets, jackets, traveling backs, and much more safety equipment. You just have to pay the rental and wear/tear charges

Q 10.) Which bike can be available for rent?

Ans 10.) Travelers are very enthusiast now a day. They can demand any regular use bike or top end sports bikes rent. Therefore dealers are also ready to fulfill users’ demands as much as possible. You have to discuss with the dealer for available bikes or if he can arrange the one that you desire


Renting a bike is the most convenient and hassle-free process. You get the freedom to move around the city and explore new adventures. It can provide you comfort, style, independence throughout your traveling duration. So now on you don’t need to think about roaming around and searching for any other travel solution. Thank you.

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