Healthy Diet Plan

Healthy Diet Plan

A healthy diet plan is very important in our life. Healthy Diet plans help us to main our body weight and also helps us to reduce the chances of the diseases. Dietitian has all set of knowledge regarding diet and fitness and now dietitians are providing many services regarding our health.

Services which offered by dietitians:
1.How to lose weight?
2.How to gain weight?
3.Hair fall/gain treatment
4.Pregnancy and Lactation Diet Plan
5.Diet plan for heart patients
6.Diet plan for Thyroid patients
7.Diet plan for blood pressure
8.Diet plan for cancer patients
9.Diet Plan for acidity
10.Diet plan for healthy skin
11.Diet plan for Blood sugar and many more……

A perfect Diet Plan

Are you looking for Weight Loss?

Firstly you have to register at Dietitian clinic once you will register. Dietitian will set a diet and exercise plan according to your health and lifestyle. It’s not a game for 1 week. A good dietitian will commit weight loss in a month. You will lose your 3-4 Kgs in Month and lose 3-4 inches. I do not commit a crash course for weight loss those commit to losing weight within a week. I believe in originality with a good diet plan, regular walk or jog.

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Weight Gain Program:

Our weight gain process works with balanced food and nutrition. I am working with a healthy diet and exercises and not with the weight gain supplements and pills. Dietitian mostly suggests diet as per people health, body structure and lifestyle. I don’t promote weight gain in 1 or 2 weeks. Its process for months, you will increase your weight 3-4 kgs in a month but results will depend on body structure.

Pregnancy and Lactation Diet Plan:

A healthy diet is the most important thing in the time of pregnancy so mother diet should be balanced and nutritious. It will include proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and fats with fresh fruits and vegetables also you should avoid junk food. Breastfeeding process is an energy consuming process so my advice is that you should take a healthy diet with fats.

Heart patients diet Plan:

A healthy diet is a major thing to reduce heart attack issue. Some unhealthy diet increases the risk factor for heart disease but healthy diet plan decreases the risk factor for heart disease or stroke by 85%. Balanced weight and regular exercise are the main things to keep the heart in shape but the main thing is the balanced food and calories.

Healthy Diet Plan

Thyroid patients diet Plan:

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped organ in our neck. The thyroid is common in women but it’s also in men and teenagers. Main thyroid diseases name is Hypothyroidism or Underactive Thyroid. It operates fat and carbohydrate metabolism, body temperature, brain development, respiration, the nervous system and heart, blood calcium levels, skin integrity, and more.

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Cancer patients diet plan:

Foods that protect us from cancer or we can say Anti Cancer Diet. Anticancer diet is a most important way to reduce the risk of cancer. Fruits and vegetables having good vitamins and nutrition that reduce the risk of cancer. Green tea is also helping in to reduce cancer. Its cancer-fighting drink which helps in liver, lungs, breast cancer and etc.

Blood pressure diet plan:

Blood pressure diet based on two types one is dash diet and another is low sodium diet. It’s new food habits which help us from High Blood pressure and Low blood pressure. The patient should adopt a good food diet like need to increase potassium based diet which having low sodium. Fruits and vegetables are having enough minerals and potassium. Regular exercise is also the best way to reduce high blood pressure.

Diet for gym guys:

Nowadays there’s heavy craze for the gym in youth and ladies. They are frequently going to gym so it’s most important that they having good diet plan so it will not effect on their health and getting fit and good body shape so the best way to work out in a gym and taking the good and healthy diet. If you are looking what to eat before going to the gym so perfect diet plan will help you. To get proper muscle shape and fit body structure then you need to take a good amount of High biological protein with good fat.

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Healthy Diet Plan

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