Home Tuition in Zirakpur

Home Tuition in Zirakpur

Home Tuition in Zirakpur – Nowadays, students are extensively engaged in taking home tuition. In fact, it has become like a fashion now. Students are taking home tuition for various subjects, and for various classes. If you live in or around Zirakpur, and want to take home tuition, then your search ends here.

List of Home Tuition in Zirakpur

In this article, we have mentioned a list of Home Tuition in Zirakpur. So, read it carefully.

Mr. Sahil

He is an engineering graduate and is teaching Physics, Chemistry, & Mathematics to class 10th, 11th, and 12th.

  • Methodology – Mr. Sahil tells to all his students the concepts according to his learning level. If the student have doubts in the previous concepts, then he teaches the previous concepts first. And then move to the next concept. He also provides notes of the subjects which helps the students a lot. He always tries to understand the student’s previous knowledge & level of learning, and teaches accordingly.
  • Background – He is a mechanical engineer and have qualified GATE Exam 3 times. He is teaching Physics, Chemistry, & Maths to the students efficiently. Also, he is teaching Mechanical Engineering to the college students to help them to clear the exam.
  • Fee – Rs. 120/Hour.

Ms. Diksha

She is providing fine arts classes to school students and have a total experience of 8 years. If you are interested in learning more, and eager to utilize your leisure time, then you should absolutely call her.

  • Methodology – Before learning to draw, children first identify shapes & images. That’s why, being a teacher, she is focusing more on basic shapes & structures. And then, she teaches the students how to draw. She loves to draw and demonstrating simple drawings for my students. It really helps them to engage with the lesson when learning art. Ms. Diksha gives a lot of examples like if she is conducting a lesson on chameleons, she first draws a few ones; some realistic, some silly, and some animated once.
  • Background – She’s an artist and is providing private classes since 2012. She is assigned with charcoal, poster colors, Water colors, oil painting, acrylic paint, etc. She is giving home tuition as well to the classes up to 5th standard in Chandigarh, Panchkula & Zirakpur.
  • Fee – Rs. 1,000/hour.

Mr. Vishal

He is a home tutor in Zirakpur and is providing classes of Civics & Chemistry to classes 10th to 12th. Also. he is providing classes for various competitive exams.

  • Methodology – His teaching method is related to the topics of practical life examples. He gives crisp points to make the students understand the topic well. Along with that he teaches the students with the help of presentation that helps them to get good grades . He believes the better the presentation, the better the grades. Also, it makes the concept more fun to learn.
  • Background – He is a BCA graduate who has cleared UPSC, CDS, & AFCAT Exams with good grades. In addition to this, his communication skills is really very effective. Also, he has a practical approach towards topics, and helps the student to know their strength. And get excellent grades in the exams. He also helps the students in enhancing their performance.
  • Fee – Rs. 150/hour.

Ms. Vrinda

She don’t have a fixed model of correct English but she can help the students to have a presentable one. Join now if you want to improve your English Language & Communication skills.

  • Methodology – Her teaching method is very interactive which helps you to learn in a fun way. She will be giving you assignments & worksheets, and will be conducting workshops to teach the students more effectively. She believes that learning goes both ways. A teacher can learns equally as the student learns. So join now!
  • Background – She’s a college student, and has scored 100% in English. Also, she has won many prizes in writing competitions, MUN, Trinity Exams, debates, etc. Currently, she is taking home tuition in Zirakpur.
  • Fee – Rs. 200/Hour.

Mr. Shekhar

Mr. Shekhar is a Master’s student in IIT Madras. Also, he has done B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering. He has an excellent understanding of Physics & Maths.

  • Methodology – Mr. Shekhar always focuses on the basics while teaching. For Maths, Physics & Chemistry, he prefer R.D. Sharma. Plus, he always help the students to make notes from various different books. This makes things easy for the students to understand. During the exams, he gives many mock test papers to the students to solve. This helps the students to understand the subjects better and feel comfortable during the exams.
  • Background – He is an engineer from IIT Madras and is teaching the students of class 11 & 12 for past 2 years. He has a excellent understanding of Physics, Maths, & Chemistry. In addition to this, he explains each & every topic in the easiest way possible.
  • Fee – Rs. 650/Hour.


After going through the article, we have been able to analyse the increasing trend of home tuition in Zirakpur. Also, we got to know about the home tutors in Zirakpur who are highly experienced and have great knowledge in the subjects they teach. So, if you are looking for the home tutors in Zirakpur, you may contact any of them.

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