How To Setup Recording Studio At Home In Chandigarh

audio recording studio at home

How To Setup Recording Studio At Home In Chandigarh. Only 3 simple steps!!

Hey,if you want to learn How To Setup Recording Studio At Home In Chandigarh? Believe me you will not have a single doubt after reading this blog. Just remember that setting up a studio at home is really easy, you don’t need to worry at all. Hope you will understand it well and be able to record in your studio soon. I will also give a review about the cheapest and the best condenser microphone that i personally use.


let’s begin…


Gadgets Required

  • Laptop / Computer
  • Microphone (condenser or dynamic)
  • Mic Stand
  • Sound card or phantom power (if you do not have a mic port in your laptop or if you are using a condenser microphone)
  • External pop filter
  • Recording Software (I personally use Adobe Audition)
                                              setup condenser microphone


how to edit audio in adobe audition
  1. Setup your Microphone :
  •  Set your mic with the mic stand.
  • Make sure the base of the microphone stand is strong.
  • Connect the XLR cable (you will get it in the mic box) to the mic


Open your laptop:

  • Connect your mic with the laptop/computer.
  •  if you have a condenser microphone, make sure you connect it with laptop using a sound card or a phantom power.
  •  After you connect your microphone, just go to recording devices in your laptop and disable the pre-installed microphone of your laptop.
best phantom power for condenser microphone

you can also check a presentation regarding setting up a recording studio –

Q..Why to use a sound card or phantom power with condenser microphone?

  • Condenser Mic requires 48v power to run, so the phantom powers and sound cards works as an external power suppliers.Phantom power provides 48v power to the mic. while the sound cards provide only 5v power to the mic(which is not bad, you can still get decent sound quality with it.)
       3. Open your recording software :
  • Go to Edit > Preferences > Audio channel mapping
  • change (buit in line input 2) to ( built in line input 1). or you will see your microphone name here, just remember that you need to change it from 2 to 1.

Just Like This :

audio editing in chandigarh

how to edit sound in adobe audition

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That’s it now you can start recording!!!

  • Cheapest mic for decent recording at home
  • Generic BM 800

condenser mic for sale in chandigarh

Guys i have been using this mic from an year now and it has worked pretty well for me. its sound quality is very decent and clean, this is probably the best cheapest microphone in this price range. I have tested it with guitar, vocals, ukulele at home and even outside my home. i don’t have a phantom power to get a 48v power for my mic but instead of it i just use a soundcard by (enter) which actually provides only 5v power to the mic like i said before, but it still gives very nice results.

I am pretty sure that if you are planning to get a condenser microphone for home recording and are struggling with the budget then you should definitely check this one out. About my sound card, i bought it from a local computer hardware shop for just (Rs.250) and it is working perfectly for me. i don’t really know if it is available online or not. But you should definitely go look for it everywhere you can. Soundcard by – enter 

Now before going for a condenser mic you also need to know that these are meant for studio recording. It does not mean that you could not use them to record at home, you can surely do, but they just catch Background noises very easily and are sensitive to louder sounds. that’s why some people use sound proofing in their rooms to record with a condenser mic.


  • Condenser vs Dynamic Microphones. which one you should get ?

The Benefits of Condenser Mics

  • High sensitivity due to which their is high fidelity sound recording.
  • High sensitivity and hence good response at high frequencies.
  • Ideal for use in recording vocals, either singing or spoken, instruments as well.

The Drawbacks of Condenser Mics

  • The requirement of External power such as (phantom power or a sound card)
  • Typically higher cost due to electronic parts.
  • The electronics are somewhat fragile which means they can be easily damaged.
  • High sensitivity leads to poor performance, or even distortion, in environments that aren’t quiet and echo-proof.

The Benefits of Dynamic Mics

  • Relatively less expensive because of low cost of internal build up.
  • Durable and rugged. hence it is more for live environments
  • used for recording louder sounds such as drums or amplified guitar.
  • Low sensitivity means they are unable to catch up distant sounds, therefore making them better suited for live environments.

The Drawbacks of Dynamic Mics

  • Flatter recording range and therefore flatter audio.
  • Low sensitivity, especially at high frequencies.
  • Low sensitivity and therefore poor performance in capturing detail in sounds.
  • Poor transient (high amplitude, short-duration sound) response.


Alright, thanks for tuning in. Let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below!!!




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