How To Decor A Room At Low Price With Limited Resources

wall art

A home is a place where one can b cozy, and at the best of the leisure, so why not make it a beautiful place to be !!When it comes to our mind to beautify, all we think is big budget and big pockets, but that’s where we want to change!!!Handicraft and home decor from different places and states can help turn a white boring monotonous wall into a colorful splash of fresh rays, all it takes to know what best fits the budget and the room size.

How To Use Handicrafts To Decor Your Room

Handicrafts as we say are in various types, some being vintage in nature which reminds us of the old golden era of royalty while some could just be raw iron wall hangings to get the mood feel young. Some come in accentuating fragrances and colorful candles while other could remind you of the amazing memories in the form of evergreen photo frame. Some could be just adding a wall paper to the old monotonous wall while other could be in the form of a Giant iron wall clock.

Tips for decor your room in sequences 

Here i am giving you some tips that are useful to decor your room . By using these steps you can make your home look beautiful and attractive. By using these tips the room look more beautiful and in well manner.

  • Don’t see what other have, see what you like
  • Spend that doesn’t hurt you
  • Do remember the home decor needs to beautify your space not make it a cluttered one.
  • Experiment with bold colors if you have a big room and stick to the naturals if you want it to look big.

  1. Artificial grass
  2. Wall art
  3.  Decor Wall hangings
  4.  Wall paper
  5. vintage decor
  6. artificial gems
  7. candles and fragrances
  8. vintage clocks
  9. wall decor
  10. wall photo frames


Artificial Grass Can Be Used To Decor Your Room With Very Less Cost

It is used to decorate your living space or your balcony etc. It is a surfacing material used to look like as a grass. It is mainly used in sports like football , lawn tennis etc.

.artificial grass as home decor parts

Wall Art Is Also A Part Of Home Decoration

Blank walls are always make others depressed so there should be motivating art on the wall .A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other permanent surface. It is a  architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the picture.

wall art


 How Wall Hanging Can Decor Your Living Room Easily

It come in many different shapes, forms and sizes and are made of many different materials. People use them to decorate their home offices, businesses etc.

wall hangings


Which Type Of Wall Paper Need To Make Your Wall Attractive

It comes in a roll made of paper and of different sizes.It is available in all colors , designs , texture , starting from INR 30 a meter  , it can add a fresh breath to the home in minimum budget .

wall paper



How Vintage Decor Your Room Magically

A home adorned with vintage objects release a sense of comfort and charm. VINTAGE can also know as ANTIQUE DECORS. A decors used in ancient time but it is a bit expensive than others.

vintage decor


How TO Artificial Gems Makes Your Home Look Attractive

A synthetic gem it is a man made gem with same chemical composition crystal structure etc. It is used to decorate fish aquarium or more Contrary to what many people may think, the word “synthetic” does not mean fake when it comes to gemstones. A synthetic gem is a man-made material with essentially the same chemical composition, crystal structure and optical and physical properties as the natural gem material.


How To Make YOUR Home More Attractive With Candles And Fragrances

Fragrance is also deliver with a scented candle. Most scented candles contain a combination of natural and synthetic fragrances. these fragrance materials may be get from essential oils or from synthetic aroma chemicals.


Vintage Clocks Make Your Walls Alive

Antique Style Wall Clocks. A wide range of vintage style clocks designed to match the decor of your room. Vintage style clocks have an authentic feel and fit well in both a classically decorated property or as a feature in a contemporary setting.

vintage clock vintage clock vintage clock


Wall Decor Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home Surprisingly

They are  in a wide variety of choices and options which makes it difficult for someone who wants to decorate their home and to make decision however still it is the best way to redo  your home .

wall decor



Wall Photo Frame are Also Good

It can be in wooden material or in plastics such as polystyrene. A picture frame may be of any color or texture, but gilding is common, especially on older wooden frames.

wall photo frame

Colors can brighten up your house or make it look good . Sometimes the environment may not actually blend with your colors and you find a dark mood where you wanted to create a joyful one.


Another way to upscale the interiors is to bring potted plants into living space . As it helps the room to keep the eviorment clean and fresh .

Antique Style Wall Clocks. A wide range of vintage style clocks designed to match the decor of your room.

Here Are A Lot Of Shops In Panchkula Who Have A Great Collection Of Such Type Of Material Which Can Be Used To Decor Your Office Or Room . In My Next Article I will Provide You A List Of 20 Shops From Where You Can Purchase Such Type Of Material At Very Reasonable Prices  to decor your room



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