How to Lose Weight Fast For Diabetes People

check your glucose level for diabetes

Hi! today we are going to discuss how to lose weight fast for diabetes people. Losing weight is never fun and for most of us is not as easy as when we get elder.But with diabetes it becomes more difficult to reduce kilos. Excess weight makes it more difficult to control sugar level.What is diabetes? To make our body healthy we need three things-1.Physical activity or exercise,2.Healthy Food,3.Energy. Like we got energy from our food.

Food contains two types of elements:

1,Protein,Vitamin & Mineral



how to lose weight for diabetes people

When we eat carbohydrates in our food after eating they change into sugar.Sugar dissolve into our blood that give us energy to do physical work.When our body is not producing proper amount of insulin that increase blood sugar and glucose level. Secondly,when our body become insulin insensitive means when our body not respond to insulin. Because of this glucose in our body it quickly convert into fat more easily than a non-diabetic person. Increase of insulin and blood sugar means it slower down metabolism and increase weight.

Before going to know how to control weight to,we have to say no to some things:

Say No To Drugs to Lose Weight have diabetic:

say no to drug for diabetes

Sometimes to lose weight we start taking some specific drugs or medicine.No doubt they speed up the fat loss but they are loaded with side-effects.When we left them we get weight back faster. So avoid any kind of medicine to lose weight fast. Sometimes to lose weight we start taking medicine that gives side effect. All drugs and medicine are not permanent they gives only temporary effects.

How to lose weight for diabetes people

Do Not Go For Weight Loss:

We always want to think to lose fat not just weight which usually valuable’muscle loss’.Unfortunately most weight loss program cause the wrong type of weight loss.

Fastest And Safest Way To Lose Fat while Diabetic:

What Should Eat or Not Eat to Lose Weight for Diabetes:

diet to lose weight for diabetes

The most important aspect of fat loss is your diet because we can easily consume more calories than we burn.We just need to watch what we eat.So here are few Fast Result tips of diet:

  1. Cut Carbohydrates: we should not eat most carbohydrates food like grain,white bread,pasta as they contain very calories dense and make us retain lots of water weight.Not only this these carbs easily convert to fat due to the high blood sugar response.
  2. Stop Drinking Calories: whenever we drink high calories drink becomes harmful. As they will not consume easily so w should not drink like soda,fruit juice,protein shake,smoothies as well alcohol also.
  3. Stop Sauces: All sauces are easy to left for everyone. So try to avoid using sauces & dips,syrups,salad dressings.they all are not easy consumable.Even more loaded with sugar and calories.
  4. Eat Right Carbs:we know carbs are good for metabolism. but not all the carbs. so choose wisely like fruits,vegetables and nuts which are full of good carbs.
  5. Do Drink: water is very helpful in weight lose.have some green tea,lemon juices with natural Stevie.all these helps to curb your appetite.
  6. Eat Proteins: your food should be full of protein that will helpful to lose weight.
  7. Eat Breakfast: Eating breakfast is important in loosing weight.high protein and fiber full breakfast will full you with healthy diet.

Exercises helps to lose weight for diabetic:

exercises helps to reduce fat for diabetes

Second most important formula for weight lose is exercise.We should make walk,aerobics,weight-lifting our daily habit. infect weight lifting is more important for fat loss.Because the extra muscle burns fat all day long and helps give shape to your body.For faster results, try to do exercises two times daily.For example, we can go for walk 20-30 min daily in the morning and can do weight lifting in the evening.Brisk walking and swimming both are good way to lose weight.Even we can go to health team to ask for our physical activity that is right for us.

Check Your Glucose Level Routinely:

check your glucose level for diabetes

Its also a good way to maintain their diabetes,check your glucose level everyday that helps to alert about it.Monitoring blood glucose level is important if you take insulin.if we keep eye on it,will be easy to make decision about food ,physical activity and medicine.we check it by blood glucose this we can ask our health team how often we should check our glucose level.keep a record of your self checked glucose level.It will be helpful to maintain record when you visit your health team.

Cure Your Diabetes with help of healthy Ways:

When you are facing diabetic problem,feeling stressful,sad is very common. We just need to try to over come all by doing long walk, gardening,listening music,make a habit.Do yoga and meditation to get rid of all stress.go to join diabetic programm and learn how to get out of this. Try to get 7-8 hours sleep that will be helpful to make you fresh and energetic.

Keep Away From Stress to Reduce Fat For Diabetes:

Stress play important role to reduce fat for diabetes.Stress increase our blood sugar levels that create problem in lose weight for diabetes. Emotional stress like fear,anxiety,anger,excitement,tension and other stress like illness,pain,infection,injury cause the body to stress hormones into blood sugar.Better keep yourself calm and do meditation.

Its very important to eat healthy and do exercises to make a healthy lifestyle that will helpful to lose weight .Even after reaching our goal to lose weight we should adapt healthy habits and lifestyle.

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