List of Dental Clinics in Chandigarh

Dental Clinics in Chandigarh

List of Dental Clinics in Chandigarh – The need for Dental Clinics in Chandigarh is continuously increasing due to multiple reasons. Today, a lot of people are not much aware of dental health and its practices. But is very important to have knowledge of dental health. Because of this lack of knowledge, people are now getting prone to dental health issues which are very serious.

It is not necessarily due to a lack of knowledge but also because of ignorance. These days, a lot of people, especially children, are ignorant about dental health and consume a lot of unhealthy food. And it eventually leads to dental health-related issues.

List of Dental Clinics in Chandigarh

Keeping this issue in mind, we have prepared this list of Dental Clinics in Chandigarh. So, if someone is suffering from the same dental problem, kindly reach them. Go through it carefully.

Advanced Dental & Medical Care

It is a dentistry clinic in Chandigarh and is run by the Prosthodontist – Dr. Vinod Chandel. It is one of the finest Dental Clinics in Chandigarh and is known for offering the best patient care services. It is situated in front of Sec. 18(D) market which makes it an easy destination to locate.

Also, there’s no scarcity of public transportation to reach the clinic due to its location. Plus, there’s a separate waiting room & consultation room to make it convenient for the patients to wait comfortably.

  • Services Offered: Laser Dentistry, Aesthetic Dentistry, Laser Hair Removal, Root Canal Treatment, Surgical Tooth Extraction, Dental Implants, etc.
  • Timing: 10.00 Hours to 14.00 Hours and 17.00 Hours to 20.00 Hours.
  • Doctor(s) in Clinic: Dr. Vinod Chandel (Dermatologist).
  • Mode of Payment: Cash, Cheque, Debit Card, Credit Card, Amex Card, Paytm, & JD Pay.

Address: SCO – 156, 1st Floor, Sector – 37, Chandigarh, India, Pin – 160036.

Advanced Dental Care Centre

It is among the finest Dental Care Centre in Chandigarh and stands very close to Sec. 18(D) market. It’s a perfect place for anyone to find irrespective of he is a neighbor or an outsider. Plus, there is an abundance of public transportation services near the center. This public transportation makes it convenient for patients to commute. Plus, the team in this Dental Centre are highly qualified from the colleges like PGIMER, & AIIMS.

  • Services Offered: Laser Dentistry, Teeth Reshaping, Endo-Surgery, Artificial Teeth Implantation, Surgical Tooth Extraction, etc.
  • Timing: 10.00 Hours to 20.00 Hours.
  • Doctor(s) in Clinic: Dr. Anshu Gupta (Pediatric Dentist).
  • Mode of Payment: Cash, Debit Card, & Credit Card.

Address: H. No. 20, 1st Floor, Sector – 18, Chandigarh, India, Pin – 160018.

Dentistree The Dental Clinic & Implant Centre

Dentistree was established in 2015 and is among the most preferred Dental Centers in Chandigarh. It is commonly known for treating patients with dedication, precision & efficiency. The clinic is visited by the patients of not only from India but from across many countries. After the immense success & popularity of the clinic, there are happen to be planning to expand its business.

The aim of the clinic is to increase customer satisfaction and making it a pleasant experience for them. Plus. Their clinic is well equipped with the most advanced dental equipment to provide safer & high-quality treatment.

  • Services Offered: Discolored Tooth Restoration, Tooth Polishing, Dental Restoration, Metal Braces Restoration, etc.
  • Timing: Monday – 09.30 Hours to 14.00 Hours & 16.00 to 20.30 Hours.

Sunday – 10.00 Hours to 14.00 Hours.

  • Doctor(s) in Clinic: Dr. Siddharth Mahajan (Pediatric Dentist) & Dr. Isha Mahajan (Orthodontist).
  • Mode of Payment: Cash, Debit Card, Debit Card, & Online Transaction.

Address: H. No. 1854, Sector – 22(B), Chandigarh, India, Pin – 160022.

Elite Dental Hub

Elite Dental Hub is among the top & most preferred Dental Clinics in Chandigarh. It is also known to treat all the patients with efficiency & dedication. The clinic is visited by patients not only in India. But also, from different countries due to its professionalism & efficiency.

The clinic aims for 100% customer satisfaction and always try to make it a pleasant experience for them. Because of this, they have able to build a huge clientele base. In addition to this, the clinic is well equipped with the latest technological & dental equipment.

  • Services Offered: Mucogingival Surgery, Artificial Teeth, Conservative Dentistry, Complete Denture Fitting, Apicoectomy, etc.
  • Timing: Monday – 10.00 Hours to 20.00 Hours.
  • Doctor(s) in Clinic: Dr. Akanksha Sharda (Implantologist) & Dr. Swati Narang (Aesthetic Dentist).
  • Mode of Payment: Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, Amex Cards, & Online Transaction.

Address: H. No. 5, Sector – 19(A), Opp. to HDFC Bank, Chandigarh, India, Pin – 160019.

SmileWide Dental Clinic

SmileWide has been in the industry since 2016. And has already become one of the top players in the category of Dental Clinics. It’s a well-known property and is a solution for all your dental needs. Since its establishment in 2016, it has incepted a solid foothold in the industry.

Plus, they have been working hard to reach a 100% customer satisfaction level. In addition to this, they also hire well knowledgeable staff, who are eager to provide dental services to their patients. Unlike many clinics, SmileWide provides nearly all types of dental services.

  • Services Offered: Dental Crowns, Dental Examinations, Dental Implant Fixing, Aesthetic Dentistry, Dental Restoration, Sedation Dentistry, & Dental Prophylaxis.
  • Timing: Monday – 10.00 Hours to 20.00 Hours.
  • Doctor(s) in Clinic: Dr. Reena (Dental Surgeon).
  • Mode of Payment: Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, NEFT, & IMPS.

Address: SCF – 44, 1st Floor, Block – B, High Street Market, VIP Road, Zirakpur, Chandigarh, India, Pin – 14060.


We now know about poor dental health and the reasons behind it. And can now clearly understand the need of keeping our teeth clean & safe. We now also know about the best dental clinics in Chandigarh. So, if you are suffering from any sort of dental problem, you may contact any of these.

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