Pet Shops in Panchkula

Top Pet Shops in Panchkula

Pet Shops in Panchkula – If you are an animal lover and wanted to buy a pet and if you lived In Panchkula then it’s very easy to buy a pet.  In Panchkula everything is available you are only doing some research online, for the thing that you want. There are so many pets shops in Panchkula that provide pets for people. Now we are helping you by giving information about Pet Shops in Panchkula which gives you guidelines.

Pet means any kind of animal which are taken for the purpose of entertainment or emotional support. Pets are not kept for working purposes. If a person is lived alone then a pet can give its company to its owner. Pets can entrain their owner and keep them happy, the owner of pets get emotionally attached to them. So pets can give emotional support to their owner.

Pet Shops in Panchkula:

Let’s discuss Pet Shops in Panchkula with detailed information that is helpful for you. Pet can be a Dog, Parrot, Cat, rabbit, sparrow, etc.

Dr. Singals Pet Centers:

The Dr. Signals Pet Centers are sector 14 Panchkula SCO numbers 141[134113]. Landmark near Raffels Hospital. Dr. Singals is a doctor of animal and also have a pet shop where you got verity of animals for adoption. This Pet Center has so many Variety of pet products like from medicines to feeding products of animals. Their staff is very humble and helpful, they treat your pet with love and care. They will fulfill all your requirements related to pet animals. Dr. Singals deals in pet shops, pet hospitals, veterinary hospitals, veterinary doctors, dog parlors, pet food dealers, dog training centers, on-call veterinary doctors, and veterinary doctors available 24 hours. This Pet center is open for 14 hours. Dr. Singals Pet center is established in 1979.

  • Public Veterinary Doctors.
  • Pet Parlors
  •  Dog Crèche
  • 24 Hours Veterinary Hospitals
  • Dog Diagnostic centers.
  • Veterinary Surgeon
  • Dog Vaccine
  • Pet Biscuits dealers.

Jerry’s Pet Shop:

The Jerry’s Pet Shop is located at Plot no. 145, Industrial area, Phase 2 Panchkula, Industrial Estate, Panchkula [134113]. Nearby Times if India.  Jerry’s Pet Shop is established in 2013. Their timing for the opening shop is Monday to Sunday [9:00 am to 8:00 pm]. This shop is accepted only cash no digital transactions. They are deals in following :

  • Pet Shops
  • The Pet Shops for Dogs
  • Pet Care Takers
  • Dog Bed Dealers
  • They are Dog Chain Dealers

Dog Specialist Clinic In sector 4 Panchkula:

The Dog Specialist Clinic is situated at Sector 4 Panchkula. This clinic is established in the year 1995. Dog Specialist is one of the best clinics for pets or animals. This clinic is provided its services to the local people as well as other states’ peoples. They have good and well-maintained staff which handles their customs very gently.  They are closed for Sunday and working from Monday to Saturday [8:00 am to 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm]. Their services are following.

  • The Pet Clinic
  • Pet Shops for Dogs
  • Dog Accessory
  • Food Retailers for Dog
  • Dog Tick Collars
  • Belt Dealers
  • Brush for Dogs
  • Shampoo For Dogs
  • Dog powder Dealers

Address:  House no 331, number 7, Haripur Panchkula, Sector 4 Panchkula. Landmark Guru Nanak Atta Chaki.

A1-Pet Shop- Vet Care Dog Clinic- Pet Shop:

They have Pet Stores, pharmacies, and Veterinary Care stores for animal’s health.  A1- Pet Shop is providing services related to animal health issues. This shop deals in all categories of medicines, operating instruments, Vaccines.  They have a team of good doctors who give their services every time. Their product is available at affordable prices.

Address:  SCF 65, Top Floor, Sector 6, Panchkula Haryana.

Phone no. 30706286, 76855147.

There are many Shops in same Places Which Are Following:

1] Marken Pet Mall:

they are having all kind of services which belongs to Pet animals. Marken is one of the best and Famous Pet shops in Panchkula.

Address:  SCF 62, Sector 6, Budanpur, Panchkula Haryana 134109.

Phone no. 9855450254.

2] Ginni Pet Shop- Best Pet Shop in Panchkula:

Ginni Pet Shop is located in sector 25 Panchkula. This Shop has services of  Pet food, Pet Medicines, Pet accessories like neck Belts, Hair Brushes, Hair Shampoo, Bath Soap, etc., Vaccines for Dogs. They have animal operating Services. They also have a variety of animals for seals.

Address: Shop no. 24, Near Jyoti Public School, Sector 25, Panchkula Extension, Panchkula, Harayana 134116.

Phone no. 3066693, 76886788.

3] Furry Tales- Pet Kennel in Panchkula:

Furry Tales is a lovely pet Shop and very good Service. There is a facility for shopping in-store.  They have 24 hours services. Furry Tales Pet Shop is good for someone who wants to buy a pet with their accessories.

Address: House no. 736, Sector 19 Panchkula Haryana 134109.

Phone no. 09779192939.

4] Reya Enterprises per Shop and Pet Parlor:

Address: MVQC+77C, sector 3 Panchkula Haryana 134112.

Q1: Which Pet Care Products can be found in pet Shops in Panchkula?

Ans 1: Pet Care Products are like wound healing Cream, Adour control sprays, hair shampoo, toothpaste, pet soaps, and Neck belt.

Q2: Do pet shops providing adoption services in Panchkula?

Ans 2: Yes, the pet shops of Panchkula Provides adoption services.

Q3: Do Pet Shops Sell medicine for pet animals?

Ans 2: Yes, pet Shops sell Medicines for pets.

Q4: What kind of pet animal we find in shops of pets?

Ans: There is a variety of animals that we found in pet shops like Dog, Cat, Sparrow, rabbit, Fishes, Mouse, Parrot, owl, Lizards, etc.   


So here with all the discussion and information about pet shops in Panchkula, we say that animals can be a part of our families. So someone can adopt a pet for his entertainment. Forget a good company of loyal animals. They are very loyal and lovable. They can fit into any family easily.

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