Role Of a Nutritionist in Our Healthy Life

Role Of a Nutritionist in Our Healthy Life

  Here I want to tell you the Role Of a Nutritionist in Our Healthy Life. The people who give us the right diet plan according to our body or health problems are called a dietitian or nutritionist. They have a proper knowledge about how much nutrients our body wants. They know about the right vitamins and minerals and in what quantity our body needs them. There is a very important role of a Nutritionist in our healthy life. If we are undernutrition we may be out of health. A normal person doesn’t know how much energy or calories are present in our food. Also, he doesn’t know what should we eat if we are suffering from blood pressure? 

Role Of a Nutritionist in Our Healthy Life

Nowadays, peoples are facing many problems related to their health like blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension and the major problem most people are facing is a weight problem. Due to overweight or obese, many problems can occur like thyroid, heart-related diseases, high blood sugar, high cholesterol. Their bones and muscles become so weak. They started facing many problems further. These all problems can cure by taking the right nutrition or taking the right diet in the right quantity. Role of the nutritionist in our healthy life is very important. 

Only a nutritionist is not a solution to stay healthy and fit, we need some motivation to maintain our diet and body, so my friend Apoorva has written a blog about motivation. Must check:

Who are the dietitians :

Role of Nutritionist is very important in our healthy life. A dietitian or nutritionist helps us to recover from all these problems by giving us the right diet plan according to our problem and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They work in schools, hospitals, and some of them are self-employed as they work as a consultant. A dietitian/nutritionist can simply explain to the client what nutrition is ? and why it is important to our body? and give us a meal plan according to our health problem.


For example: If a person has diabetes, his bones become weak. And as a result, he has a deficiency of calcium.  Therefore, the nutritionist/dietitian will advise him to eat the food which is rich in calcium. They tell us the exercise according to our health problems. They work in physiotherapy centres. To recover their bones strength again. Dietitian/nutritionist tells us about the right quantity and quality of food for their good recovery. There is a very important Role of a Nutritionist in Our Healthy Life.

Now the question is what qualification we need to become a nutritionist/dietitian? First of all, you have to earn a bachelor degree in any science department like in food science, psychology and home science. During graduation, all you have to do is an internship under a good nutritionist/dietitian. Then after graduation, you need a certificate REGISTERED DIETITIAN NUTRITIONIST (RDN). After this, you can do the job easily under a dietitian or in a wellness centre or you can work almost on your own as a consultant.

 Role of a nutritionist in our healthy life?

Nutritionist/dietitian plays an important role in our health life by :

  1.  Telling us about the importance of healthy food in our body.
  2.  Developing healthy eating habits in us.
  3.  Evaluating our diet.
  4.  Developing meal plans in their correct portion.

Types of nutritionist :

A Nutritionist/dietitian plays the same role in their profession and their workplaces are different.

  1. Clinical Nutritionists; They work in hospitals, dispensaries and clinics. They work with doctors, nurses to provide health service to the patients at hospitals, nursing homes, etc ..,
  1. Sports Nutritionists; They work with coaches, athletes and players, to maintain their health condition. They usually work in a gym, fitness centres. Dietitian tells the correct supplementation to there clients.
  1. Food Nutritionist; They work in schools and restaurants. Role of Nutritionist in restaurants is, they manage the menu by the right proportion of the ingredients. And, in schools, they organise the sessions or class on a child nutrition on how children should take care of them. Also, they take care of the food made in a cafeteria for children.
  1. Animal nutritionist; They work in farms, zoo ’s, wildlife sanctuaries and pharmaceuticals companies. Role of Nutritionist in zoo’s and wildlife sanctuaries is, they manage the nutrition of the animals. 

   5. Consultant; Those who work as a consultant as they work in private practices providing information about nutrition. They usually aware people about the right nutrition by conducting seminars, sessions and camps. They work as the counsellor. I hope you all liked my article. In my next article, I’ll tell you all about the best dietitians/ nutritionists in Tricity who can actually help you to get fit.


After reading this blog you’ll know there is a very important role of a nutritionist in our healthy life. Who are the nutritionists/ dietitians? what kind of role do they play in our life? what kind of problems are cured only by taking the right diet? And how many types of nutritionists are? what eligibility do you need to become a nutritionist/dietitian? I hope you”ll liked my blog and it helped you in any way and if you want to know about the top ten nutritionists/dietitians in tricity , wait for my next blog.


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