Top 10 Gym in Chandigarh

Gym in chandigarh

Well said – Health is wealth. Gym is very important to keep your body fit. It was started in Rome around 3000 years back. They encouraged people for physical fitness. Gym in Chandigarh is also playing vital role in day to day human life. Using Gym we can take our work out to the next level. We get most talented teachers and modern equipment. How to do work out in an efficient way is taught out there. We have a list of the gym in Chandigarh which readers may use further, but it is must to enquire the list of charges before joining any gym.

1). Burn Gym in Chandigarh

“Fitness is build not inherited” is the principle of this gym. Burn gym in Chandigarh is a level beyond. It helps making your body stronger. It has proved that wellness doesn’t come in a bottle. Burn aims high and helps you reaching the moon. It provides us the fitness solution which is more personal. It encourages the individual all the times. You may get certain things over there listed below.

  • Yoga
  • Ultimate guide for gym etiquette
  • How to relieve muscle cramps after workout
  • Composition analyses of the body.
  • Circuit Training for weight loss
  • HIIT exercises for the beginner.

Contact Details :- sco 62-65, Madhya marg sector – 8 Chandigarh.

Phone – 01725076490

2). Friends Gym one fitness and spa  

This gym in Chandigarh believes that state of art does the job when it comes to the fitness. They are having a rich infrastructure and are equipped with modern technique machines. It was founded in 2004 in Chandigarh and now doubts it is one of the best gym in Chandigarh nowadays. Some special things are listed below

  • Awesome training classes
  • Educated fitness team
  • Special exercise to get rid of back fat
  • Easy workouts to strengthen out triceps.

Address and contact details:-  sco 180 – 187, second floor , sector 9c  , chd

Phone – 18001376669

3).The Code Fitness Gym

This Gym uses updated modern equipment in Chandigarh. This is known as the female friendly gym as well. If you are looking for a family gym in Chandigarh, Code fitness gym would be the best option. If you are tired with being fat? Try  it out and stay fit. Further it has some special exercises listed below

  • Cardio Line
  • Group classes
  • Strength training
  • Sauna zumba courses
  • Body toning courses
  • Aerobics courses

      Address and contact details  :- sco 45-48, Madhya marg, sector 8c chd   , phone – 01725005333

4).Ozi Gym and spa

This is Top and best Gym in Chandigarh. In north India they are growing as a Fitness club chain. Its been more than 2 decade since in Operation. Its located in Elite location of Chandigarh. Join us  If you are looking for the instant start to your fitness that is packed with energizing activities to strengthen your body. They do provide following activities

  • Cardio
  • Spa
  • Aerobics and Yoga

Contact details – sco 3013, sector 22D, Chandigarh

Phone – 9592335284

5).Body Scapes Gym

Address – sco 100-101, 4th floor, Magnam Towers, 160022, sec 34 A

Phone – 01722645820

6).Bolt Gym and Spa

Address – SCO 2465 – 66, 22 C Chandigarh

Phone -01725060070

7).Flexity Gym

Address – showroom -4 Madhyamarg Chandigarh

Phone-  09872660669

8).Superma by Ozi Gym and Spa

Address – SCO 3013 -3014, Dakshin Marg, sector 22 D Chandigarh

Phone – 01724611444

9).Oxy Gym, Chandigarh

Address – Hotel mount view, sector 10

Phone – 0172 4670640

10).Golds Gym

Address C-133 Ground Floor, Industrial

Phone – 01725032888

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