Top 10 Physiotherapists in Chandigarh

List of Top 10 Physiotherapists in Chandigarh

Top 10 Physiotherapists in Chandigarh – “A physiotherapist has a brain of a scientist, heart of a humanist and hands of an artist” Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that helps people to regain their natural strength and movements. Besides rehabilitation, physiotherapists provide their services in the prevention of injury, and promotion of health and fitness. They are healthcare professionals who help injured or disabled people in restoring their flexibility. Here we are going to tell you about the Top 10 Physiotherapists in Chandigarh.

Best Physiotherapists in Chandigarh

The role of a physiotherapist is to diagnose and manage movement dysfunction and enhance physical and functional abilities. They help your body to function properly with the help of medications, therapies, exercises, massages, etc. There is always a high need for an able physiotherapist. Unpleasant accidents or injuries can occur anywhere anytime. In such cases, a physiotherapist helps you to recover your natural mobility fast. However, it is wise to get your treatment from an expert physiotherapist. In this blog, you’ll come to know about the Leading Physiotherapists in Chandigarh. 

List of the Best 10 Physiotherapists in Chandigarh

At Chandigarh Help, we care for you the most! Thus, we will tell you about the Best Physiotherapy centers and expert Physiotherapists in the City Beautiful. The human body needs regular servicing just as automobiles like your cars, bikes, etc. do. Physiotherapy services nourish your body parts and allow them to function properly. Moreover, physiotherapists help in lessening the pain and healing the physical injuries. These therapists assist you to restore your stamina and enjoy a pain-free life forever! So, have a look at the Topmost Physiotherapists in Chandigarh listed below:

1. Medicare Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre

Located in Sector – 47D, it is one of the best physiotherapy centers in Chandigarh. The center is led by Dr. Kavita (BPTh/BPT, MPTh/MPT in Physiotherapy). She is a renowned physiotherapy expert who has been providing her services for the last 14 years. Besides being widely experienced, the doctor is known for her hard work and determination. Here you get amazing healthcare and physiotherapy services for:

  • Spinal Surgery Disorders
  • Neurological Problems
  • Nerves and Muscles Disorder
  • Hips Disorder
  • Joint Pain/ Tissue Pain

Address – SCO 44 first floor, above Baker’s, Sector 47 D, Chandigarh, 160047, India 

2. Sai Raghav Physiotherapy Centre

Sai Raghav Physiotherapy Centre is a well-established healthcare center since 2003. It offers services in the examination, prognosis, and treatment which results in promoting the flexibility and function of the affected area. Here one gets the best physiotherapy treatments for arthritis, spondylitis, and musculoskeletal disorders. Also, you can visit here for the post-operation physiotherapy sessions. 

Address – Sector 24-D, S C O 142, Opposite Police Station, Sector 24-D, Chandigarh, 160023

3. Dr. Neeru’s Care & Cure Home 

Dr. Neeru Wadhwa is a renowned physiotherapy professional in Chandigarh. She provides amazing physiotherapy services at affordable prices. Moreover, this physiotherapy center enjoys amazing customer ratings online. Here you get treatment for arthritis, frozen shoulders, fractures, knee replacement, hip replacement, etc. 

Address – SCO 359, 44D, Sector 50D, Chandigarh, 160047

4. Ortho Golden Physio Clinic

It is a multispecialty physiotherapy clinic in Chandigarh. You can visit here to get services like postural training, joint mobilization, heat therapy treatment, electrical stimulation, assistive device training, etc.

Address – House Number 2164 Global Health Care Clinic Basement, Sector 21C, Chandigarh, 160022, India

5. Dr. Kavita Physiotherapy Clinic

This clinic has a team of top physiotherapy experts. Here you can get physiotherapy treatments for neck pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica, knee pain, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, Achilles Tendonitis, etc. 

Address – House No- 5926, Modern Housing Complex, Manimajra, Chandigarh, 160101

6. Dr. Gaurav’s Sterling Sports and Spine Physiotherapy Centre

This is a renowned physiotherapy center known for providing the best treatments for knee pain and lower back problems. Also, they offer post-surgical therapies and treatment for ortho-injuries. 

Address – Plot No-11, 12 Ground Floor Dainik Bhaskar Building, Sector 25, Chandigarh, 160015, India

7. Chandigarh Spinal Rehab

This rehab center was established for independent living and enhancing the quality of life of persons with Spinal Cord Injury and Brain Injury. It is a charitable trust offering quality physiotherapy services to the needy. 

Address – Plot #1, Madhya Marg, Sector 28A, Sector 28, Chandigarh, 160002, India

8. Physiotherapy Matterz

This physiotherapy center is run under the supervision of Dr. Karan Kapur (BPTh/BPT). He has 12 years of experience in offering physical therapy services like Strengthening Exercises, Geriatric Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic Physiotherapy, Pediatric Physiotherapist, Homecare Physiotherapy, etc.

Address – House no 3002, 19D, Sector 19, Chandigarh, 160019, India

9. Perfecto Physios

It is a physiotherapy clinic run by a team of experienced physiotherapists. Here you get services like deep tissue massages, acupuncture, skilled manual therapy, pain relief therapy, hydrotherapy, fitness management program, electro-therapy, etc. Also, it is a physiotherapy center awarded for providing the best quality services and high-class treatments at nominal pricing. 

Address –Inside Landmark Hospital, Site No. 1&2, Sector 33-C, Near Terrace Garden, Chandigarh, 160020

10. Dr. Hitu Soni Physiotherapy Clinic

Dr. Hitu Soni (MIAP in Physiotherapy) is a highly-professional and well-experienced physiotherapist in Chandigarh. Here you get physiotherapy treatments for clinical pilates, conditioning of muscle and tissue, injury prevention program, and stability. Her experience allows her to cater to your body requirements in a short time. 

 Address – #1501, Sector, 33D, Chandigarh, 160020


Lastly, you should go for a physiotherapist who provides the best quality healthcare services. It is wise to receive your treatment from an expert who values his patient’s time and money. All the physiotherapy experts mentioned above provide quality service at genuine rates. Moreover, they are known for guiding their patients’ exercises and preventive measures so that they can recover at faster rates. So, if you wish to consult a physiotherapy expert, consider out Top 10 Physiotherapists in Chandigarh listed above. For any such related info, feel free to contact Chandigarh Help anytime!

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