Top Car Rentals in Mohali

Top Car Rentals In Mohali

Do you use public transport, taxi or, cab service? Then you must know about Top Car Rental in Mohali. Now you can rent a car to travel to your city or any nearby tourist destination. Moreover, you can rent a car for vacation. Renting a car is pocket friendly and full of independence.

Renting a car is much more relaxing and convenient than public transport or hiring a cab. This becomes more useful when your travelling is not scheduled for a particular destination. You don’t need to pay anything for every short or long-distance drive. So, we are going to present you with a list of Top Car Rentals in Mohali with some important information about renting a car.

Top Car Rentals in Mohali

Here we have a list of some Top Car rentals in Mohali

Rana Cabs Private Limited

Rana Cabs service is based in Chandigarh since 1998. They are known for providing the best car rental services in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula and, nearby locations. Rana Cabs are available with every segment of cars with top brands like Mahindra, Hyundai, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, Range Rover, Land Rover, and Jaguar. They are always there to provide you best class services in affordable prices

Address: – SCO–98, 1st Floor, Sec-47C, Chandigarh-160047

Chandigarh Car Rental

Chandigarh car rental has built a reputation in the travel business for providing the best services to all your travelling needs. They can provide you Mini Vans, SUVs, Sedan or, luxury cars as well on rent for self-drive. They believe in reliability, customer-centric and budget-friendly services to provide you with a top-class travelling experience.

Address: – Shop No-155, Phase-10, Sahibzada Alit Singh Nagar (Main Market), Punjab-160062

Nanuan Travels

Nanuan Travels are one of the best places to rent a car in Chandigarh- Mohali. They deal in Chauffeured-driven as well as self- Driven cars. Nanuan Travel providing services for the last 29 years and attained a trusted brand name. They tend to provide you stress-free travelling experience. You can find low to high-end car segments.

Address: – SCO-34, Opposite- Azad Hind Store, Sect-17E, Chandigarh-160017

Jhajj’z Travels

Jhajj’z Travels is famous for renting cars in Chandigarh, Mohali and many other cities. They have established themself as a brand in the travel industry since 1998. Jhajj’z travel is equipped with Luxury Cars, Sedans, SUVs, MUV, minibuses, convertibles, and 4x4s to provide the best travel experience.  They are focused to provide outstanding customer service to their users.

Address: – Plot no. 106-107, Phase-9, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Chandigarh-160063

Zoom Cars

Zoom Cars has emerged as a simple and easy to adapt travel solution. They have covered a huge customer base in many big cities including Mohali-Chandigarh. They come up with quick service and easy to follow procedures. Their services are included with freedom, ease of control in renting a car. They are obviously available with every car segment that users can ask for

Address: – Near-Bus Stand Parking, NH-21, Sector-43 B, Chandigarh-160003

Procedure to rent a call:-

  • Find a car rental agency on the internet and contact them via phone or website
  • You need to fill the form with travelling and personal details
  • Company will asked for ID Proofs (original or copy)
  • You make the initial payment or security, you’ll get the car on rent

Tips to rent a Car:-

1. Payment Options – Remember to make credit card payments while booking a car for rent. It will be documented transactions moreover car rental agency can get to know about our your credit score. This will help you in future transactions as well.

2. Age Factors – You could be an excellent driver but it does not matter if you are under 25 of age. Car rental agencies do not feel confident even though you get the car on rent.

3. Counts of Driver – All your family or co-travellers might drive the car very well. But you should mention the bare minimum count of drivers because it can charge you more per driver

4. Get yourself insured – you should get your rental car insured from the agency because car rental shops charge you high for this. You should contact your back or search over the Google for best insurance deals.

5. Search around best deals – Every car rental agency has a different price list, You should at least confirm the price with 2-3 car rental agencies. Never try to rent a car at the airport because it will way more expensive than any other.

6. Be handy with accessories– Car rental agencies are available with all basic accessories that you may need in travelling but instead of paying more for that, you can arrange this thing yourself. Like Maps, use your toll pass instead of paying tolls everywhere, You can carry your mini speaker, etc.

FAQs- You might want to know about –

Q (1) – What are the required documents to rent a car?
  • You would need a debit or credit card with enough balance to make payments
  • E-voucher or voucher given as payment confirmations
  • You should have valid driver’s License, Your photo ID proof, Pan card or passport
Q (2) – What age criteria to rent a car?

Car rental companies prefer 25-70 years of driver’s age. They might charge extra if you are under or above the age limit.

Q (3) – Who can rent the car?

Any person can rent the car on your behalf. But you (User) should meet all requirements and formalities to rent a car

Q (4) – Do I need to pay extra for any damage?

Your car rental price is included with car theft, damage of collision, local taxes, or road tax. However, you should clarify and understand these aspects with your dealer in advance.

Q (5) – For how long can I rent a car?

You can rent a car per day or weekly rental plans. If you rent a car for a higher duration, it will reduce the rental fee.


Renting a car is has enhanced the travelling experience with comfort and hassle-free driving controls. You are independent to move around and explore new places. Car rental agencies are focused on providing more facilities to customers with fewer formalities. So now you don’t need to think about hiring a driver to travel to your city or other destinations. Thank you.

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