Top Clinics for Hair Transplant in Mohali

Top Clinics for Hair Transplant in Mohali

Top Clinics for Hair Transplant in Mohali! Hair loss is can be a serious problem for many of us. Everyone wants to have healthy hair to enhance facial beauty and confidence.  Hair loss completely depends upon age, hormone changes, genetic issues, and many more. So this is a common problem now a day with lots of men and women. Therefore, today we are going to provide you list of Top Clinics for Hair Transplant in Mohali

List of Top Clinics for Hair Transplants in Mohali –

Below mentioned is a list of the best hair transplant and hair treatment clinics in Mohali. You can get the best results with top-class hair treatment

Darling Buds Clinic –

Darling Buds Clinic is well known for hair transplant services in Mohali, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Zirakpur, and nearby cities. Dr. Bhatti is the best hair transplant surgeon to perform the complete procedures by himself. Darling Buds Clinic has set standards for successful hair transplant treatment in India. They are very much dedicated to this skilled and knowledge-based profession that international clients are also using their services.

Darling Buds Clinic does hair transplants with the most effective results and affordable prices. Many of the celebrities took advantage of their services. Dr. Bhatti is so much experienced and skilled to treat bad hair transplants as well. He is a master to get successful hair restoration in baldness, or partial hairline transplant as well.

Location – 3rd  floor, 5 Rivers Wellness Clinics, East Wing, Pearl City, SEC – 104, Mohali, Punjab 140307

Timings – Mon to Sat 10:30 AM – 02:00 PM

                Sunday – Closed

Body Sculpt –

Body Sculpt is famous for plastic surgery and hair transplant services in Mohali – Chandigarh. Their aim is to provide world-class cosmetic and plastic surgeries in India. Body Sculpt is specialized in hair transplant as well. They are equipped with the latest cosmetic surgery units, operation theaters, and 24 hours ICU facilities.

Hair transplants are performed in a surgery center. But, it does not apply to every patient. Most of the patients need not stay in hospitals for hair transplants. Dr. Vikaramjeet Dhingra is a certified expert to perform all procedures of hair transplant. He performs scalp examination to know the root cause of the hair loss and then after he decides procedures to be followed under hair transplant.

Body Sculpt has performed a number of successful hair transplants for domestic and international clients. They are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and professional in this field.

Location – BODY SCULPT – 1ST floor, SCO – 10, SEC – 71, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Mohali 160071

Timings – Mon to Sat 09:30 AM – 06:30 PM

                Sunday – Closed

Derma Clinique –

Derma Clinique was established in 2015 in Kharar – Mohali.  They provide services for hair transplant, Skin treatment, laser therapy, and cosmetology. Dr. Umesh Sadu has been renounced surgeon for hair restoration and transplant.  He has performed more than 1000 hair transplant surgeries with a 100 % success rate and customer satisfaction.

Derma Clinique believes in dedication and consistency. This is the reason that they do not compromise with the quality of service to cut the cost.  They have emerged as a world-class hair transplant center in Mohali. Their services consist of hair transplant, hairline design, beard transplant, eyebrows transplant, micro-needling, botox, laser hair reduction, laser hair reduction, and micro-blading as well.

Location – # 246, SEC – 80, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Mohali, Punjab 140308

Timings – Mon to Sat 10:30 AM – 07:00 PM

                Sunday – Closed

5 Rivers Hair Transplant Clinic –

Dr. Akanxa Bhatti established this clinic in 2019. She is certified and trained by the best surgery centers in India. This clinic provides successful hair transplants at affordable prices and the best quality treatments. They have conducted a number of hair transplant surgeries with 100% outcomes.

Dr. Akanxa is highly sincere and an expert in council hair loss problems with the required treatment. She is well experienced in using safe techniques of hair transplant surgeries. This clinic has a huge client base in north India for providing naturally implanted and grown hair with transplant surgeries.

5 Rivers Hair Transplant Clinic offers – Medical treatment customized as per scalp examination,

Surgical hair restoration with FUE or FUT procedures, Micro Pigmentation in Scalp, PRP Treatment for hair, body hair transplant, ETC.

Location – 5 Rivers Hair Transplant, SEC -104, Pearls City, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Mohali, Punjab 140307

Timings – Mon to Sat 10:30 AM – 07:00 PM

                Sunday – Closed

Dr. Walia’s Clinic –

Dr. Parmjit Singh Walia established this clinic in 2002. He is a well-known dermatologist in Punjab and Haryana regions.  Having maintained qualities in the services, Dr. Walia is serving in society for a decade. They also provide the best surgical treatment for hair transplant.

Dr. Walia’s treatments are completely based on the patient’s diagnostic reports.  They are regularly involved in best clinical practices, training, and studies of best techniques to enhance the quality and efficiency of their services. Dr. Walia is considered a successful surgeon in the field of hair transplant.  He provides successful treatments with hair growth and facial rejuvenation, Vitiligo service, Hair transplant and hair growth, laser hair removal, and many more.

Location – #127, Phase – 3B1, SEC-60, Mohali Stadium Rd, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Mohali, Punjab 160055

Timings – Mon to Sat 10:30AM – 07:00PM

                Sunday – Closed

FAQs –

Q (1) – Hair transplant is a surgery, treatment or operation?

Hair transplant is process of treating permanent hair falls. I this process you may go through medicinal treatment or Transplant surgery as well. It will be depending upon your scalp and hormonal examination reports.

Q (2) – What are advantages of hair transplant?

You will get natural hair growth on your scalp, any chemical or external medicine is not required in this process and it highly safe and permanent solution for hair loss problems

Q (3) – Is there any criteria to get hair transplant?

Yes, there is some certain information you should know before hair transplant.

  • The patient should have good health condition
  • You should not have complete hair loss all over the scalp
  • This procedure can increase your hair density, but you may not get hairs like you had in the past
  • You will see a hair fall in transplanted hair, but they will grow again in 8-12 months.
Conclusion –

You may find lots of product to treat your hair loss. But, you should always consult with a specialist for any kind of hair loss issue. Now you have the list of specialists. So that you can get benefits of their services. Thank you

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