Top Cycle Stores in Chandigarh

Cycle Store in chandigarh

Top Cycle Stores in Chandigarh – As you all know, the pandemic has disturbed the life of every single person all across the world. People who are working from home for the past year are facing several health issues. As they have to work the entire day, they never get a chance to do some physical exercise. Health is also equally important as compared to your work, it should be everyone’s top priority. 

Talking about physical exercise, cycling is one of the best activities that you can do during this harsh time. Earlier, the cycle was one of the most commonly used modes of transportation. Now, due to the pandemic, we have been seeing a lot of cycles everywhere. The trend of cycling has started again, with this people can enjoy as well as keep themselves fit.

In this article, you will know about the top cycle stores in Chandigarh. Chandigarh is a beautiful city, which is full of greenery and fresh air. People living in this city mostly prefer cycling, as the environment and atmosphere around here are best suitable for riding a bicycle. There are a lot of cycle stores in Chandigarh that deal in different sports cycles such as gear cycles, mountain bikes, track bikes, etc. 

List of Best Cycle Stores in Chandigarh

If you are living in Chandigarh and planning to buy a new cycle, then this blog will help you to find the best cycle store, where you can easily find the bicycle of your choice. 

Merida Bikes

The organization is based on the sports brand of Taiwan, which offers the finest collection of sports bikes. It is a well-renowned cycle brand that provides modern and high-quality sports bikes. You can also find other riding gear at the store, like safety gear, fittings, and tools for the individuals. Merida bikes offer a wide range of cycle parts such as grips, brake pads, stem, and handlebar. People who are looking for reliable and best quality bicycles must visit this particular cycle store. 

Address: – Plot No. – 23, Industrial Area Phase 1, Chandigarh. 

Dominance Bike Studio Tricity

From a normal cycle to a professional one, you can find it all at the Dominance Bike Studio. Here, the entire working staff is friendly and will help you to pick a bike that suits you and your budget. The most important thing is that they provide you a test ride, which can help you to select a bike that is most comfortable for you. You must visit this cycle store for a great experience. 

Address: – SCO 141 & 142, Madhya Marg, Sector 8C, Chandigarh. 

Firefox Bike Station

It is considered one of the best cycle stores to buy a bike in Chandigarh. Firefox Bike Station offers a wide collection of sports bikes that are best suitable for cut-throat racing and venture sports. With experienced and excellent staff who allows the customers to take a test ride for improved selection before purchasing. Here, you can also buy the spare parts and get your ride fixed with expert mechanics. To buy a bicycle that can easily suit your budget, you must visit Firefox Bike Station in Chandigarh. 

Address: – SCO 2455-2456, Ground floor, Sector- 22C, Chandigarh. 

Gupta Cycle Store

Nowadays, everyone thinks that cycles are just meant for kids, but this thinking is wrong. Gupta Cycle Store offers their customers eco-applicable style bikes or those who are fond of cycling to keep themselves physically fit. As it is one of the leading cycle businesses in Chandigarh, Gupta Cycle Store is mainly known for its Bicycle dealers Hercules, Exercise Bicycle dealers, and Bicycle dealers. 

They offer their customers an extensive range of bicycles that are best suitable for skilled racers and experienced bike riders. If you are looking for something extra-ordinary, it is suggested that you must consult Gupta Cycle Store for better guidance and selection. 

Address: – SCO 71, Sector- 31C, Chandigarh. 

Chandigarh Sports

Chandigarh Sports is a sports complex that deals in an extensive range of sports products. You just have to name the sports item, and it will be provided to you, such as badminton, football, cricket, tennis, skates, cycling, etc. All the products offered at this store are from well-renowned cycle brands. 

You get to choose from a wide range of cycle brands like Atlas, Hero, Hercules, Avon, Hawk, etc. You will also receive a genuine warranty card, which you can use in the event of damage or accident. Chandigarh Sports is a complete package of sports products, you can surely find the item that you are looking for or even its better version. 

Address: – Shop No, 19/5, Sector- 17, Chandigarh, 160017. 

Jeet Cycle Store

If you are looking for a heavy-duty bicycle, then, the Jeet Cycle Store is one of the best cycle stores in Chandigarh that can help you with it. This cycle store offers a wide variability in this beautiful city. People usually get attracted to its bulky duty accessories and parts, which will provide an amazing look in everyone’s eyes. The center of attraction at this store is the cycle with thick tires. Nowadays, the concept of thick tires is trending in the world of bicycles.

Not only it offers a great look, but it also provides additional safety, which is essential for every bike rider. So, if you are looking for a ride that looks classy and offers great safety, you must instantly contact Jeet Cycle Store, as they are professionals in this particular field. 

Address: – S.C.F. 288, New Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh. 

Absolute Bikz

Are you a cycling enthusiast or a fitness freak? So, here is another store that can help you to buy the best cycle in Chandigarh. At Absolute Bikz, you will find a wide collection of budget-friendly bicycles. Also, you will be given extra attention, if you are looking for upgrades. 

From high-quality accessories to the best quality bicycles, you can get it all at Absolute Bikz. 

Address: – SCO 33, VIP Shopping Center, VIP Rd, Zirakpur, Punjab. 


Riding a bicycle will not only keep you physically fit, but it will also keep nature intact. With no air pollution and sound pollution, you can preserve the environment easily. So, these are some of the top cycle stores available in Chandigarh. You can visit any of them and purchase what you’re looking for. 

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