Top ENT Specialists in Chandigarh

Top ENT Specialists in Chandigarh

Top ENT Specialists in Chandigarh – Are you searching for the Top ENT Specialists in Chandigarh? Well, you are at the right place. ENT’s full form is Ear, Nose, and Throat. In Chandigarh, there are various ENT specialists & clinics that are highly specialized in this field. The citizens of Chandigarh are extremely health-conscious that are following the daily regime of exercise & yoga to stay fit & healthy. But still, many people in Chandigarh are suffering from problems related to ENT.

Well, if you are suffering from the same problem, you are reading the right article. In this article, you’ll find some of the Top ENT Specialists in Chandigarh. All these ENT specialists are highly educated and have years of experience working in this industry. So, they are the specialists who will handle your healthcare problems professionally & effectively. Therefore, if you are searching for the leading ENT Specialists in Chandigarh, this list will help you a lot.

List of Best ENT Specialists & Hospitals in Chandigarh

Here are some of the best ENT Specialists & Hospitals whom you will find in Chandigarh:

Abrol ENT Institute & Research Centre

Doctor Raman Abrol in ‘Abrol ENT Institute & Research Centre’ is practicing for a long time and has become the best ENT specialist. His massive prominence has been attributed to his long experience & comprehensive knowledge in Otorhinolaryngology. Dr. Abrol completed his Master’s Degree in the year 1995 from PGIMER in Chandigarh. Later, he went to Austria to pursue Endoscopic Sinus surgery under a renowned physician – DR H Stammberger.

  • Services Providing – Allergy Testing, Sinus Surgery, Skull Base Surgery, ImmunoTherapy, Reconstruction Surgery for Middle Ear, Snoring Surgery, etc.
  • Timing – Tuesday – 12.30 Hours to 14.30 Hours; and 18.30 Hours to 20.00 Hours
  • Wednesday to Friday – 12.30 Hours to 14.00 Hours; and 18.30 Hours to 20.00 Hours
  • Saturday – 12.30 Hours to 14.00 Hours
  • Address – SCO – 2417-18, 1st Floor, Near Aroma Taxi Stand, Sector – 22(C), Chandigarh, Punjab, India

Dhiraj Gurvinder Singh

With his massive & immeasurable experience of 16 years, Dr. Dhiraj has become among the most recognized Otorhinolaryngologists in Chandigarh. Moreover, his unmatchable services are making him even more notable & famous in his field of Otorhinolaryngology. Also, Dr, Dhiraj is embracing & espousing modern scientific & medical technology to make his services even more spectacular.

  • Services Offered – Nose Surgery, Sinus Surgery, Eye Surgery, and Rhinoplasty Cosmetic Services
  • Timing – Monday – 09.00 Hours to 10.00 Hours; and 17.00 Hours to 19.00 Hours
  • Tuesday – 09.00 Hours to 10.00 Hours; and 17.00 Hours to 19.30 Hours
  • Wednesday – 16.00 Hours to 19.00 Hours
  • Thursday to Saturday – 09.00 Hours to 10.00 Hours; and 16.00 Hours to 19.00 Hours
  • Address – SCF – 1, Patiala Eye & Multispecialty Hospital, Phase – 9, Mohali, Punjab, India

Dr. Rishi Raj

Doctor Rishi Raj is practicing his profession in this field of ENT for nearly 12 years. This long experience is making him an immensely proficient ENT specialist & surgeon in Chandigarh. Presently, his practicing his clinic in Chandigarh only where a constant flow of patients is eager to receive his splendid & excellent services. The services Dr. Rishi is offering are also the result of the world-class equipment he has invested in his clinic.

  • Services Offered – Sinus Surgery, Rhinoplasty Surgery, Throat Bleeding Treatment, Labioplasty Ear Services, Removal of Face Fractures, Adenotonsillectomy Services, etc.
  • Timing – Monday to Saturday – 10.00 Hours to 14.00 Hours; and 18.00 Hours to 20.00 Hours
  • Sunday – 10.00 Hours to 12.00 Hours
  • Address – House Number – 5, Sector – 19(A), Chandigarh, Punjab, India

Pandhi Hospital

In the year 1994, Doctor Veneet finalized his MBBS degree from Guru Gobind Singh Medical College in Faridkot. Later on, he went to Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College in Belgaum to pursue MS ENT which he finalized in 1998. By the year 2002, Dr. Veneet is offering his ENT Services to his patients through Pandhi Hospital in Sector – 36(C). Since then, he is acquiring incredible experience which is making him among the most prominent ENT Practitioners in Chandigarh.

  • Timing – Monday to Friday – 09.30 Hours to 13.00 Hours; and 17.30 Hours to 19.30 Hours
  • Saturday – 09.30 Hours to 13.00 Hours
  • Address – Pandhi Hospital, Sector – 36(C), Chandigarh, Punjab, India

Sanaansh ENT & Allergic Centre

‘Sanaansh ENT & Allergy Center’ is among the most trusted ENT Specialized Clinics in Chandigarh. Patients from across the Tricity come to visit him for their ENT-related ailments. In addition to ear, nose & throat infections, he is also treating the patients for various kinds of allergies here. Most importantly, the doctor has adopted the latest & modern medical equipment to make his services even more marvelous.

  • Services Offered – Nose Surgery. Ear Surgery, Eye Surgery, Sinus Surgery, ENT Disorders, Digital Hearing Services, and many more.
  • Timing – 10.00 Hours to 20.00 Hours
  • Address – House Number – 322, Sector – 35(A), Behind Kisan Bhavan, Chandigarh, Punjab, India

GD Ratan ENT Clinic

Doctor GD Ratan is another ENT Specialist practicing in Chandigarh. He is among the most successful doctors in Tricity. He always becomes a friend to his patients, but enemies to the cause of their ailments. In his ENT Clinic, he is using modern methodology & technology to treat his patients and making it a professional approach.

  • Services Offered – Hearing & Giddiness Test, Nose Surgery, Microscopic Ear Surgery, Larynx Microsurgery, and Fitting of Hearing Aid.
  • Timing – Monday to Friday – 10.30 Hours to 13.30 Hours; and 17.00 Hours to 19.00 Hours
  • Saturday – 10.30 Hours to 13.30 Hours
  • Address – House Number – 1104, Sector – 33(C), Near Landmark Hospital, Chandigarh, Punjab


Trying to find the best ENT Specialists in Chandigarh? Well, the above-listed ENT specialists, clinics, and hospitals will help you the best. Due to their immense experience, they have amassed overtime in their practices. It is far beyond any sensible doubt that they can restore any of the ENT complications you are facing. You may unhesitantly count on them.

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