Top Gynaecologist in Chandigarh

Gynaecologist in Chandigarh

Top Gynaecologist in Chandigarh – If you’re trying to find a top Gynaecologist in Chandigarh, then you’re at the proper place. Look no further as we’ve got you covered with top gynaecologists in Chandigarh who are giving the best treatment to the ladies of this city for years.

It is critical for each and every woman to go to a gynaecologist on regular basis for a routine check-up. You’ll comply with the very fact that when it involves picking a gynaecologist, all folks become highly conscious and takes into consideration tons of things like references, past experience, doctor reviews, clinic infrastructure, and a lot more.

If you’re in search of the simplest gynecologist in Chandigarh, here may be a list of the ten very talented doctors who are deemed to be the simplest gynecologists for your treatment.

Why Gynaecologist are Important For Female Health?

A gynaecologist doctor is an expert within the female genital system. They specialize in the health & diseases field. It is essential to settle on the proper doctor because we trust them with our most intimate medicalproblems like pregnancy, missed periods, etc.

More than 50% of human resources comprise women today in India. From managers, educators, decision-makers to administrators and prime ministers leading a woman. Their dedication and performance are unparalleled by any species. Hence health of women is a vital aspect to cater. Women face tons of issues that will turn from bad to worse early if adequate medical attention isn’t sought.

More benefits

From puberty, breast development, significant diseases affect women. Each of such diseases is managed by a health professional known as a Gynaecologist. Women are advised to have an annual or at least 3 yearly health checks with a gynaecologist. Awareness of basic bodily functions and maintaining good physical and mental wellbeing are all vital aspects of managing women’s health. This is a task performed skilfully by gynaecologists.

Birth control: Sexually active females need to be advised about birth control and the need to prevent various diseases such as herpes, HIV, gonorrhoea, etc., and unwanted pregnancies.

Preventive care: Every woman needs to be counseled regarding healthy lifestyle practices to maintain good health during puberty, pregnancy, and old age to prevent various diseases and cancers affecting each age group.

Best 12 Gynecologists in Chandigarh | Verified List

These are some of the best gynaecologists in Chandigarh and would assure the best of health for the girls, ladies, and women consulting them.

Dr. Shaveta Gupta

Dr. Shaveta Gupta has rich experience in the surgical management of breast cancer, uterus cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer. Specializes in performing and interpreting results of ultrasound scans for gynecological or obstetric disorders.

  • Gynecologist- 10 Yrs. Exp.
  • M.B.B.S., D.N.B. (Obs & Gyn.)
  • Hospital(s): Max Super Speciality Hospital (Chandigarh)

Dr. Preeti Jindal

Dr. Jindal is taken into account as a pioneer of the primary Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic in North India. Her areas of interest are gynecological cancer management, treatment of gynecological issues in adolescents, etc.

  • Gynecologist – 19 Yrs. Exp.
  • Hospital(s): Fortis Hospital (Chandigarh)

Dr. Seema Sharma

Dr. Seema Sharma specializes in ante-natal and post-natal care of girls experiencing a difficult pregnancy. Has rich experience in medical treatment of PCOD, premature ovarian failure, female infertility, etc.

  • Gynecologist – 21 Yrs. Exp.
  • M.B.B.S., M.D. (Obs. & Gyn.)
  • Hospital(s): Max Super Speciality Hospital (Chandigarh)

Dr. Divya Avasthi (Gynaecologist in Chandigarh)

Dr. Divya Avasthi is one of the reputed names among the foremost experienced gynecologist of Chandigarh. With her high experience in handling all types of gynecology emergencies, she is among the foremost entrusted doctors within the city.

After her experience at Max hospital, Chandigarh, and Tata Cancer Centre in Mumbai, she has now made a team of highly professional and expert gynaecologist of her own in Chandigarh. Working as the well-renowned gynaecologist in Chandigarh for past many years, she has been known as one of the devoted doctors in the city.

Areas of Practice:

  • Minimally invasive Gynaecology
  • Laparoscopy
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Gynaecologic Oncology Infertility

Dr. Suneet Tayal

Dr. Tayal may be a gynecology surgeon who has practice experience of quite 3 decades. Her prime areas of interest include management of uterus issues, gynecological problems in adolescents, etc.

  • Gynecologists’- 35 Yrs. Exp.
  • MBBS, MS
  • Hospital(s): Fortis Hospital (Chandigarh)

Dr. Seema Wadhwa

Dr. Seema Wadhwa Has successfully performed many painless deliveries.  Expertise in performed laparoscopic removal of the uterus, ovarian cyst, fibroids, cervical polyp, etc.

  • Gynecologist Experience – 24 Yrs. Exp.
  • M.B.B.S., M.D. (Obs. & Gyn.)
  • Hospital(s): Max Super Speciality Hospital (Chandigarh)

Dr. Kamna Nagpal

Dr. Kamna Nagpal specializes in the management of high-risk pregnancies. Has successfully performed cesarean deliveries in emergency cases. She is a certified expert in surgical abortion using safe methods.

  • Gynaecologist- 23 Yrs. Exp.
  • M.B.B.S., D.G.O., M.D. (Obs. & Gyn.)
  • Hospital(s): Max Super Speciality Hospital (Chandigarh)
Dr. Swapna Misra

She has attained international certification in gynecology cancer operations. Her expertise includes laparoscopic cancer surgery (gynecology), total laparoscopic hysterectomy, single incision surgical processes, etc.

  • Gynaecologist Experience – 16 Yrs. Exp.
  • MBBS, MD (Obstetrics & Gynaecology), DNB, MNAMS
  • Hospital(s): Fortis Hospital (Chandigarh)

Dr. Suneet Tayal

Dr. Tayal may be a gynaecology surgeon who has practice experience of quite 3 decades. Her prime areas of interest include management of gynaecological problems in adolescents, baby delivery, etc.

  • Gynaecologist – 35 Yrs. Exp.
  • MBBS, MS
  • Hospital(s): Fortis Hospital (Chandigarh)
Dr. Shanujeet Kaur

Dr. Shanujeet Kaur is the best Gynaecologist and has 22 Years of experience. She is has done MBBS & MD in Gynaecology. Right now she is serving in Fortis Hospital Chandigarh. Dr Kaur is a highly experienced gynaecologist. She has efficiency in treating gynaecological issues, infertility issues, etc.

Dr. Sarla Malhotra

Dr. Malhotra is a senior gynaecologist. Her specialty areas are the treatment of gynaecological tumours, ovarian cysts, uterine bleeding, irregular periods, etc. She has rich experience of 38 years in Gynaecology.

  • MBBS, MD
  • Hospital(s): Fortis Hospital (Chandigarh)
Abha Clinic

With her expertise in all kinds of Gynaecology treatments, Dr. Abha has become one of the renowned gynaecologists in Chandigarh. She is one of the MCI (Medical Council of India) registered doctors who know her way around with any kind of emergency.

With the latest treatment techniques and facilities, Abha Clinic is rated as one of the reputed clinics in Chandigarh. Being one of the best experts at dealing with all kinds of gynecological problems.

Areas of Practice:

  • Minimally invasive Gynaecology
  • Laparoscopy
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Gynecologic Oncology Infertility

Address: House No. 1017, Sector 42-B, Chandigarh


It is vital to affect it on the first care level and additionally to promoting the first and secondary prevention of diseases, which is usually more important than the curative procedures. The primary prevention involves regular gynecological examinations.

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