Top Homeopathic Doctors in Mohali

Homeopathic Doctors in Mohali

Homeopathic Doctors in Mohali -Mohali is located at the center of Chandigarh. Most people can approach Mohali easily. So here we can make a list of the top Homeopathic clinics and hospitals in Mohali. For that people who need Homeopathic Doctors in Mohali can go there and take treatment from them. Homeopathy is a natural way of healing diseases.

Homeopathic is that medicines are prepared from plants and herbs. Like Red onion, Arnica is a mountain herb, Minerals, or animals such as crushed whole bees. Homeopathic is worked with a rule that a material which causes a disease, that same material also cure the disease. And the doctors which treated people use this method are known as Homeopathic Doctors.

List of Top Homeopathic Doctors in Mohali:

Here is the list of top Homeopathic Doctors in Mohali with Some detailed information that is helpful for you.

Sanjivini Home Care

Sanjivini Home Care is located at Kharar, Mohali. In Sanjivini Home Care clinic a homeopathic doctor is available her name is Richa Gupta. She is a well-educated and experienced doctor. Timing of doctor Gupta is Monday to Saturday [10:30am 1:00pm and 4:00pm 8:00pm] she is have some time on Sunday [4:00pm  8:00pm]. The treatment which she gives to their patient is explained here.

  • Face to face Counseling
  • Acne/ Scar treatment,
  • Menstrual Disorder management
  •  Piles treatment without surgery
  • Back and neck pain
  • Acidity
  • Cough management
  • Fever management
  • Fissure treatment without surgery
  • Bariatric Metabolic Surgery
  • Corn removal
  • Consultation
  • PCOD

Address:  Multi-Specialty clinic Kharar Mohali, Flat no. 221/4, tower 9, SBP Home Extension 3, Sector 126 Mohali.

Ranu homeopathic health Center:

Ranu homeopathic Health Center is in Mohali, Chandigarh. This health center is established in the year 2007. They have the best doctors and the best staff. The services of the Ranu Homeopathic health Center are. Timing of this health center is [10:00am 2:00pm and 5:00pm 8:00pm]. 

  •  Homeopathic Doctors,
  •  Clinics, Homeopathic Clinics,
  •  Spine Specialist Doctors,
  •  Hair Treatment Clinics,
  •  ENT Clinics,
  •  Homeopathic Physician Doctors,
  • The Homeopathic Doctors for Piles.
  • Homeopathic sexologist doctors for female
  • They have Homeopathic doctors for allergy.

Address:  SCO 30, Second Floor, Mohali Sector 55, Mohali 160055, near Franco Hotel.

Holac Clinic in Mohali:

Holac Clinic is one of the best clinics in Mohali, Chandigarh. They have the finest team of doctors. Holac clinic is served people with new and advanced technology. This clinic made a separate waiting and separate consultation area for patients. That makes them a comparable level. Services of the Holac Clinic are.

  •  Rheumatism Treatment,
  •  Rheumatology, Consultation,
  •  Infertilidade, Health Checkup
  •  Cough Treatment,
  •  Fever Treatment 
  • General illness
  • Child specialist
  • Violent behavior
  • Abnormal behavior

Address: house no.1873, phase7, sector 61 Mohali, Mohali, Chandigarh 160062.

Dr. Rajneesh’s Homeopathic Medical and Research in Mohali, Chandigarh:

Dr. Rajneesh’s clinic is located at Mohali. Dr. Rajneesh is the best doctor of homeopathy. The technic of Dr. Rajneesh is very simple and pure. The way of treatment is fully natural. The operating time of the clinic is 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. And the fee of the doctor per visit is 500. This clinic has a large and well-furnished infrastructure for convince of the patient.

The services of Dr. Rajneesh’s clinic are:

  • Homoeopathy
  • Cosmetology|
  • Physiotherapy
  • Diet clinic where the doctor offers you a number of medical services for stay fit.
  • They are doing HIV Tests.
  •  Blood Group Test
  •  General Pathology
  •  Blood Cancer Check Up
  •  Manual Therapy
  •  Knee Pain Treatment
  •  Sports Physiotherapy.

Address:  House No. Hm-8, 3B 1, Mohali, Chandigarh – 160062, Near 3-5 Lights and BSNL Exchange.

Dr. Harsh Sharma Homeopathic Clinic:

Dr. Harsh Sharma Homeopathic Clinic is counted as one of the best clinics in Mohali. Dr. Sharma is an excellent doctor in homeopathic. He can cure many diseases with the healing process. The treatment of Dr. Sharma is very helpful. Timing of clinic is [9:00am to 1:00pm and 5:30pm to 8:00pm].

The services of Dr. Harsh Homeopathic clinics are:

  •  Ulcers, Tonsillitis,
  • Epilepsy,
  •  Lung Disease,
  •  Eczema,
  •  Infertility,
  •  Digestive Problems,
  •  Pimples,
  •  Hair Loss,
  •  Asthma,
  • Osteoarthritis,
  • Hyperacidity,
  •  Fissure,
  •  Corn Removal,
  • Parkinson Disease,
  •  Psoriasis,
  •  Tinnitus,
  • Peptic Ulcer,
  •  Gastroenteritis,
  • Typhoid, Piles,
  •  Kidney Stone,
  •  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Address:  SCF 32, 1st Floor, Mohali SAS Nagar, Mohali 160055, Near Gyan Jyoti School.

Dr. Vikram Jain [Homeopathic Care]

Dr. Vikram Jains homeopathic Care Clinic is very good in its services of healing people in a natural way. Timing [9:30am to 3:00pm and 5:30pm to 8:00pm]. Dr. Jain’s treatment is very good you only need to follow the diet and some instructions.

The services of Dr. Jain clinic are:

  •  Eczema Treatment
  •  Acidity Treatment
  •  Allergy Treatment
  •  Dandruff Treatment
  •  Migraine Treatment
  •  Psoriasis Treatment
  •  Depression Treatment
  •  Constipation Treatment
  •  Skin Disease Treatment
  •  Skin Blemishes Treatment
  •  Thyroid Disorder Treatment.

Address:  SCO-15, First Floor, World One High Street, Sector-115, Santé Majra, Landran Kharar Road, Kharar, Mohali, Landran, Mohali – 140307, Opposite Parkwood Glade.

Dr. Apneet’s Skilled Homoeopathy:

Dr. Apneet’s Skilled Homeopathy clinic is located at the Mohali, Chandigarh. Dr. Apneet is a very experienced and skilled doctor in homeopathic. Timing [9:00am to 8:00pm] Sunday and Saturday timing is [11:30am to 7:00pm].

Address:  phase 7, House no. 91, sector 61, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, and Chandigarh 160062.   


Q1: What is the Consultation Fee of Homeopathic Doctors in Mohali?

Ans: The consultation fees of Homeopathic doctors are very genuine that everyone can afford it.

Q2: How many Doctors of Homeopathy are available in Mohali?

Ans: There are many doctors of homeopathy are available in Mohali.

Q3: Which doctor of Homeopathy is Best in Mohali?

Ans:  In Mohali, there are lots of homeopathy doctors which are best in their profession.

Q4: What is Homeopathy Treatment?

Ans: homeopathy treatment is a natural healing process that gives so many benefits.

Q5: Which Type of Diseases can be Cured by homeopathy?

Ans: Almost all types of diseases can be cured by homeopathic treatment. But the most allergic patients will be cured by this.


As an above discussion, we know that homeopathy is a healing method from diseases.  The method of these medicines is natural herbs and minerals. Nowadays due to more complicated diseases are arises and people want a natural process of therapy. To heal from them. so homeopathic healing is best for them.        

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