Top IVF Centres in Chandigarh

Top IVF Centers in Chandigarh

Top IVF Centres in Chandigarh – IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is a process of fertilization where an egg is combined with sperm outside the body, in Vitro. The process includes monitoring & stimulating a person’s ovulatory process, removing an oval from their ovaries, and allowing the sperm to fertilize them culturally in a laboratory. There are some Top IVF Centres in Chandigarh where you can reach out if you want to become a parent.

List of Top IVF Centers in Chandigarh

Fertility clinics are the medical clinics that help couples and even individuals who are willing to become parents. But due to medical reasons, they have not been unable to achieve this goal through the natural course. So, we present you this list of Top IVF Centers in Chandigarh:

Bedi IVF Center

Bedi IVF Centre is among the leading IVF Centers in Chandigarh along with the best maternity hospitals there. Furthermore, Bedi IVF holds the power of uncompromising excellence, courage & sheer grit. Moreover, they are also holding the power of community & the power of belief. As they are present in this industry for 13 years, they are celebrating 10,000 babies born. If you want your dreams to come true, believe that it’s possible with Bedi Fertility Centre.

  • IVF Cost – Rs. 140,000
  • Fertility Success Rate – 73%
  • Address – #182, Sector – 33(A), Behind Rajasthan Bhawan, Chandigarh, Punjab, Chandigarh, Pin – 160020

Evaa Fertility & Gynaecology Centre

Evaa IVF Center is a great IVF Hospital & test tube baby center for patients across Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal. With an outstanding team of counselors, caretakers & doctors, the clinic is offering a long experience and world-renowned accomplishments. Thus, they’ll be able to help you shred the unnecessary fear & apprehensions about your fertility. Now, it’s time for you to take a step ahead to make your life a beautiful celebration. The team of Evaa Fertility is committed to the well-being of women of society. For the same reason, the team is furnishing itself in IVF Treatments, Maternity, and Gynaecology – Pediatrics & Wellness.

  • IVF Cost – Rs. 120,000
  • Fertility Success Rate – 74%
  • Address – SCO – 908, Near Housing Board Lights, NAC Manimajra, Chandigarh, Haryana, Chandigarh, Pin – 160101

Indira IVF Centre

Indira IVF center is the pioneer in providing affordable yet creditable infertility curation to the common people for the first time in Chandigarh. It has a world-class infrastructure, advanced equipment, and a team of renowned doctors. They had started the clinic with 2 rooms back in the year 1988. But today, they are standing tall as the most esteemed & prestigious IVF service provider in Chandigarh. The clinic is deeply committed to providing all the primary & ancillary services connected to your treatment under the same roof. It is mainly because we know the significance of a meticulous, concerted, and well-oiled network for the success of your pregnancy.

  • IVF Cost – Rs. 140,000
  • Fertility Success Rate – 70%
  • Address – SCO – 156, Ground Floor, Madhya Marg, Sector – 9(C), Chandigarh, Punjab, Chandigarh, Pin – 160009

Milann Fertility Centre

With strong clinical expertise in IVF treatment, Milann Fertility Centre is also bringing the modern technology through which, they are offering renewed hope to couples. It is offering all the services related to women’s health including counseling, IVF, IUI, ICSI, and endoscopy. Milann Fertility Centre was founded in 1990 by Dr. Kamini A. Rao and has been defining high-tech fertility care in Chandigarh. They are doing it by offering couples access to hi-tech medical diagnosis & treatment options in the field of Assisted Reproduction Technology.

  • IVF Cost – 140,000
  • Fertility Success Rate – 70%
  • Address – #396, Sector – 46(A), Chandigarh, Punjab, Chandigarh, Pin – 160047

Jindal IVF & Sant Memorial Nursing Home

It’s the pioneer in IVF & ART in Chandigarh along with an experience of nearly 27 years. The center was founded by Dr. Umesh Jindal who received extensive training in Chandigarh as well as the US. After receiving proper training, he established the Gynae & Fertility Research Center in December 1989 at the Chandigarh Medical Centre. IVF was commenced in this center in the year 1995 and the 1st IVF baby was born in 1996.

  • IVF Cost – Rs. 140,000
  • Fertility Success Rate – 70%
  • Address – #3050, Behind Sri Guru Ravidass Bhawan, Sector – 20(D), Chandigarh, Punjab, Chandigarh, Pin – 160020

Reviva Fertility & IVF Clinic

If you are wondering, why choose Reviva IVF Infertility Center, it’s because of their aim – Be a reason for someone’s happiness. Well, Dr. Sandeep Cheema is the best example of this quote. Her dream to become an infertility specialist is to bring joy to so many lives. Through her clinic, Dr. Cheema is adding up colors in the life of so many infertile patients for the last 7 years. She is among the leading Infertility specialists in Chandigarh. Reviva Infertility Clinic was established in the year 2010 under the direct supervision of Dr. Sandeep Cheema Sohi.

  • IVF Cost – 140,000
  • Fertility Success Rate – 70%
  • Address – SCO – 50 & 51, Sector – 9(D), Madhya Marg, Chandigarh, Punjab, Chandigarh, Pin – 160009

Janee Fertility Centre

Janee Fertility Centre is a great IVF Center in Chandigarh which is a young & independent organization. IN Chandigarh, it is fighting against infertility problems by bringing a colorful life to the dreams of thousands of couples who are facing difficulty in attaining parenthood naturally. Also, the prime concern of the organization is the safety of its patients and their gametes & embryos which represents the beginning of a new life.

  • IVF Cost – Rs. 140,000
  • Fertility Success Rate – 70%
  • Address – House Number – 320, Ground Floor, Sector – 40(A), Chandigarh, Punjab, Chandigarh, Pin – 160036
Vandna Narula IVF Center

It’s a landmark and a tertiary healthcare destination in Sector 61, Chandigarh that is run by a professional team. It’s a multi-specialty hospital and a Modern Diagnostic Centre with a capacity of 60 beds. The technological advantage is accompanied by the manpower to provide sophisticated & specialized medical care at highly affordable prices. Dr. Vandana has strategically located the hospital in Chandigarh where there is a large, affluent & increasing corporate population.

  • IVF Cost – Rs. 140,000
  • Fertility Success Rate – 70%
  • Address – #2104, Himalaya Marg, Sector – 61, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, Chandigarh, Pin – 160047
Frequently Asked Questions

Question – How long does it take for IVF process to finish?

Answer – The IVF process goes for nearly 4 weeks (Length of a normal ovulation cycle).

Question – Is IVF painful?

Answer – Patients may suffer a bit of discomfort by the injection as it is being administered. But the level of pain depends on how comfortable you are with the needles.

Question – What side effects can I suffer from IVF?

Answer – Here are a few side effects that you may suffer from IVF:

  • Soreness
  • Nausea
  • Breast Tenderness
  • Bloating
  • Fatigues, and
  • Allergic Reactions

Wrapping Up

Infertility is a common problem these days and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is a great way to overcome it. There are many IVF centers & hospitals in Chandigarh but not all of them are providing great services. That’s why; we have prepared this list to give you an idea of the leading IVF Centers in Chandigarh. These IVF Centers & Hospitals are providing the best services to fight against infertility. So, if you need to avail of their services, call any one of them now.

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