Top Makeup Artist in Chandigarh

Top Makeup Artist in Chandigarh

Top Makeup Artist in Chandigarh – If you are searching for Top Makeup Artist in Chandigarh and want to change your looks then go to the Chandigarh Help site. Where you can find so much information related to the Makeup Artists. Which gives you completely different looks as you want. Makeup is an art that enhances hidden beauty.  And if you are a bride too be then it’s more necessary to find an expert makeup artist which gives you a dreamy look for your most important day of life.

 Wearing makeup is not fashion it’s an individual choice. So you cannot judge a person on their makeup. But nowadays youth is crazy about good looks. So here we are giving you some suggestions for good Makeup artists In Chandigarh.

List of Top Makeup Artist in Chandigarh

Some name of Makeup Artists of Chandigarh is following below:

[1] Zareen Bala

The makeup artist Zareen Bala is one of the finest makeup artists in Chandigarh. She is trained from The Makeup Forever Academy. Zareen is an Expert in enhancing beauty and fashionable makeup. She is a certified beautician by Samer Khouzami. She is experienced in this field and knows what kind of skin products are suits to their clients. By touching your skin she is telling you what kind of skin you have like oily, dry, sensitive, etc. then according to your skin she is done with your makeup.

If you are a bride then she discussion every detail of makeup products and according to your wish she gives you a bride look.  She is an expert in Airbrush Makeup look. Zareen and her team also go to the venue as your demand. They are doing your hairstyle, nail art, and set up the dress well. The fee that she demands is 30,000 to 35,000 for every bride.

[2] Rabia

Rabia makeup artist is a well-known name in this field of Fashion and counted as the top artist amongst all in Chandigarh.  She is trained from Melbourne [Australia]. In India, she is worked with many celebrities and in fashion shows, she is doing makeup for Models. And make them so beautiful and different by their art. She is not done the same or regular makeup of their models and clients. She is always giving new looks to the clients.

She wants to do different styles of makeup for that she continued doing their efforts and mix-ups new with old. And create a fusion of makeup look.  In this look, they add modernity to the traditional style. And most people love this type of experiment. So by all these efforts, she is able to make their clients happy and satisfied. The money that she is charged for a bridal is 21,000 to 25,000 with all makeup and nails art, hairstyle.

[3] Parul Duggal

Parul Duggal is a very famous name in this makeup world industry. She is trained from Delmar Academy, [UK] and Makeup Forever [USA].  She is very talented and creates magic with her talent. She is an expert in bridal makeup looks and terns a beautiful into staining and classy queen. And this is every bride’s wish to like that on her wedding day. And make this moment memorable forever.

She is very professional and doesn’t compromise with the quality of products. And gives you warmly and comfy environment. She is not doing extra experiments with makeup. So she is given a perfect and natural look to the bride. And this makes a natural glow on the bride’s face.  The bridal makeup charges are 30,000 with all extras like hairstyle, paint the nails, etc.

[5] Amanat Gill

She is professionally trained by the London College of Fashion. She is also a diploma holder in Aesthetics from Toronto. Amanat Gill is a Chandigarh-based makeup Artist who gives you a complete bridal look as you want for your most important day. She gives you a dreamy look according to the clients’ demands. She is an expert in portrait a bride into a doll.

 She is also going out for work and the girls who are super excited and very much conscious about their marriage look can very gently handle by Amanat Gill. She always uses international brands. She wants to give a unique look to every bride-to-be. She is doing makeup like she was made a painting. The bridal fee for makeup is from 18,000 to 21,000.

[6] Prerna Khullar

She competes in their beautician courses from Dominick Cruz Los Angeles. Prerna is very well experienced in makeup art forms. She is an expert in getting out inner beauty with her unique technique style of makeup. She is likely to give look to their bride like a fairy in the stories. This makes a bride super happy and satisfied. She is creating a perfect look for the bride. This look includes classy, stunning, natural, glamour, etc. So the brides to be going and book an appointment with Prerna Khullar to get a doll look on the wedding day. The bridal makeup charges are 7, 5000.


Q1: How many Makeup Artists in Chandigarh?

Ans:  There is so many Makeup Artist in Chandigarh that is experts in their field and give excellent services to people.

Q2: How much Fee of a Bridal Makeup they are charged?

Ans:  The charges of a Bridal Makeup are depended on what type of makeup you want like Airbrush Makeup, HD Makeup, what type of hairstyle you want either its open-haired or bun type. All these styles or dress Material things decided the charges.

Q3: How long does Bridal Makeup Take?

 Ans: The Bridal Makeup is Time Consuming. It takes so much time to look like a Perfect Bride.

Q4: Which Makeup look is Better Traditional or Modern in a Wedding?

Ans; this depends upon your choice that which one is better for you.


So there is every type of Makeup Artists are available with their full details and fee. Now you can choose the best one for you and took a perfect package for your wedding day.  

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