Top Nanny Courses in Chandigarh

Top Nanny Courses in Chandigarh

Top Nanny Courses in Chandigarh – If you are looking for Nanny Courses in Chandigarh then you must search on Chandigarh Help where you can get every type of information related to the Nanny Courses. A Nanny is a lady who is doing taking care of a Child or Children. Doing taking care of a child is her Job and for that, she is earning money. A Nanny is also called a babysitter who is full-time doing take care of Children. For the girls and ladies who are interested in it, there is a complete course of Nanny’s.

 In Chandigarh, these Courses are available so we are providing you Top Nanny Courses in Chandigarh. These Courses are trained, for how to take care of children. How to feed them, How to clean them, How will they enjoy with toys and other equipment? Chandigarh is a city where most people are working including women. When women are in the working place then who takes care of Children Then the answer is Nanny.

There are so Many Questions that come into our mind related to this topic of nanny’s and about their courses so here are these questions and Answers:


Q1: What is the role of a nanny?

Ans: Nanny is like a mother to a child when her own mother is not available for them at home. So everything that a mother can do for their child feeds the child timely, cleans the child every time, play with children, and take them for a walk,  clean the mess that is created by the children. Helping them while they are doing their school work or any activity all day long.

Q2: Is a male can do the job of Nanny?

Ans: A male can also do the job of a Nanny. And they are called Manny but in India this is rare. In foreign countries, males doing this job very nicely. They are doing all the duties which women can do.

Q3: Does Nanny take care of the child in Night?

Ans: Yes, they do care at Night also only if the parents are allowed them. When both parents are working they hire a nanny for their children to take care of the whole day but some parents hire them for night care also.

Q4: Do Nanny Cook and Clean?

Ans: Nanny is doing cooking and cleaning for the children it’s a part of her job but she is doing other chores of home this is not common. Some of them do this but they demand more charges for it.

Q5: What type of Qualities should a Nanny Have?

Ans:  They should be:

  • Trustworthy
  • Enjoys children Company
  • Have Patience
  • They should be Reliable
  • Organization and time management
  • Educated and trained
  • Experienced
  • Have Common sense

 Q6: What is the Charges of Nanny Demands?

Ans: This depends upon the Experience of the nanny and how educated she is, what type of duties they can do.

Now here is the Name of Nanny Courses in Chandigarh which is helpful to get a job in this field:

List of Top Nanny Courses in Chandigarh

[1] Angel Care Giving Institute

This institute is the Best Nanny course institute in Chandigarh. They are established in the year 2003 and from then till now they are providing Best Services. They are giving their quality services to valuable clients. They know if the people come to them then how needed they are. So these people Devers good care of their children. Angel Care Giving Institute is a member of INA (International Nanny Association) the U.S.A and ISO certified which is a symbol of excellence. They are sending their exiting trainee to other countries like Canada, the USA for working with working Visa.

Services of Angel Care are:

  • They give Nanny for Child Care and Patient Care.
  • The Elders Care Services, this company provides their trained Nanny’s and nurses for the take care of them.
  • Post Hospitalization Care
  • Mother and Child Care
  • Baby Sitting and Infant Care
  • Elderly Care
  • Special Needs Care
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Hospital and School Training
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Home Care
  • Communication Skills  
  • Spoken English.

Address:  SCF 87 Second Floor, 3b2 Main Market, Chandigarh Sector 60 Phase 3b 2, Chandigarh 160059.

Timing: 9:30am to 6:30pm

[2] Global Nanny Association:

They are established in 2010 and are located at Chandigarh Sector 34. Their institute is one of the best in this field. Their working process is that the clients must be satisfied with services. They are famous for the Language Classes for French and Nanny Training Institute. Global Nanny Association is providing a wide range of client’s services.

Address:  Sco-114-115, 3rd Floor, Sector 34a, Chandigarh – 160022

Timing: 9 am to 7 pm

[3] Eden Group

This Eden Group is established in the year 2005 and is located in Chandigarh. They are counted in the top list of the best institute in Chandigarh. They are one-stop destinations for the different requirements of the clients’ services. They value the need of clients demand and provide the service which customers need. They are the best service staff to the people.

Services of Eden Group:

  • Tutorials
  • Language Classes for English
  • Education Consultants
  • Institutes
  • Nursing Institutes
  • Language Classes for English Conversation
  • IELTS Tutorials
  • Educational Institutions.

Address:  SCO No 58-59 4th Floor, Chandigarh Sector 34a, Chandigarh – 160022 

Timing: 7 am to 8 pm

[4]National Institute of Nanny Care

This National Institute is established in the year 2010. They are trained the students so well that when they are giving their services to the clients. They have no Complaints from them. They give them all the knowledge with practical. So the student of this center is well qualified. They are famous for Best Nanny Training.

Address:  Sco 54-55, 4th Floor, Chandigarh Sector 34a, Chandigarh – 160022

Timing: 9 am to 7 pm.


So here is the List of Top Nanny Courses Institute with all the important points and details. So read it well and go for contact them for the services you want.  

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