Top NGOs in Chandigarh

NGOs in Chandigarh

Top NGOs in Chandigarh – It’s a fact that in Chandigarh many rich people live. They are not only finically rich but rich from the heart also. In Chandigarh mostly businessmen are lived and these people donate money for noble causes to the NGOs. There are lots of people who need help for servile of their lives. They do not have enough food, do not have shelter, even don’t have clothes. You see small children on the roads begging for food or money. Such children and people need help for better servile. There are some NGOs in Chandigarh who are working for such people.

 For helping those people and children NGOs are come forward and give shelter to these people. For this noble cause, many people contribute finally. The people who cannot help finically manage others’ work of the NGOs. NGOs not only give shelter and food to the people but also provide education to the children. If you are wanting to work with NGOs and want to provide any help to the NGOs. Then we are listing some NGOs in Chandigarh for your help.

List of Top NGOs in Chandigarh

There are some suggestions for NGOs and their working details:

[1] HelpAge India:

The HelpAge India is located in the Beautiful City Chandigarh. This NGO is one of the Best among all others in Chandigarh. As the Name of the NGO shows {HelpAge India}, it works for old-age people who are separated from their families. This means the children of these people don’t want to look after their Parents and send them to the Old age home. These old-age homes are run by NGOs. HelpAge India NGOo runs many welfares programs for the educational development of old-age people.

 And these welfare organizations also take care of the health of these Senior Citizens. In the run, these welfare programs need so much money. This money is arranged by people who donate funds to these organizations. That helps old age people who need support and care. If you want to work for them and help for this noble cause. Then contact this NGO. They are accepting international help and offer a full-time job in their NGO.

Address:  House No. 5745 GF, Market Rd, Sector 38 West, Chandigarh, 160038.

Timing: 9:00 am to 5:00pm.

[2] Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals:

The NGO of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is counted on top NGOs in Chandigarh. This NGO is worked for animals that are having no shelter or no food. Most of people love the animal but they do not come forward for provides some shelter or food for these innocent and helpless animals. Nowadays on the roads, many cows are found which are leaving by their owners. This NGO gives shelters and food to this innocent animal and in our country Cow called Mata.

 But some people don’t have Moral Values and leaves their innocent pet animals on the road. This is not right. In this situation, NGOs are come and serve these animals. To save someone’s life is the noblest Cause in this world. So you must come to these NGOs and help them finically or physically. This NGO also helps street Dogs, Buffalos, Cats, and animals who need shelter or food and Care. If you have a love for the animal then must help these organizations and take part in good and noble work.

Address:  Sector 38 West, Near Motor Market, Opposite Chandigarh Transport Depot, Chandigarh, 160014.

Timing: 9: 30 am to 5:30 pm.              

[3] Saarthi:

The Saarthi NGO is also working for the wellness and security of our Society. This NGO is located in Chandigarh and runs many organizations that are worked for people who are neglected by society. The name shows that they are the Saarthi for those people who are alone and helpless. This NGO mainly works to Educated the children who have no money and time for going to school. Their motive is to educate the children or youth of our country for a better future.  They want to develop the skills or personality of the children who are talented and hardworking but they don’t have any sources to sharpen their skills and unlimited talent.  This NGO work to give direction and motive to these children who are lives their life under everyday struggle. If they educate from best schools and best environment of learning. Then these children can touch the sky of success for earning in a better way. So and give your contributions to educate Children.

Address:  573, Near Govt. Middle School, Kishangarh, Chandigarh, 160101.

[4] Nanhe Kadam:

This Nanhe Kadam NGO is worked for the children who are ignored and neglected by our so-called society. The name of the NGO also defines the motive of this organization as to give a better life to struggling children. This NGO can provide food, Shelter Home, Medical Camp, Educational Classes for every class. For every subject that teaches in schools. All these facilities gives free to the children. To generate, a better youth are educated.

Address:  S.C.O.36, First Floor, Sector 26, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh 160019.


Q1: What is the Purpose of NGOs?

Ans:  NGOs are working for those people who are ignored and neglected by our society and they worked for their better living.

Q2: How many NGOs in Chandigarh?

Ans:  In Chandigarh, there are many NGOs that are doing noble work for helpless people.

Q3: How can we contribute to these NGOs?

Ans:  you can contribute to these NGOs by donating money, clothes, shoes, blankets, food items, water coolers, Chairs, tables, beds, bedsheets,s, etc. everything that you have can donate. Even used things will be accepted by them.


NGOs are creating for the help of those people who need help and support. And these are run only if we are contributing to them by donating Money or doing the job there. This is the noblest work for human beings. So all of us should be help these NGOs.    

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