Top NGOs in Panchkula

Top NGOs in Panchkula

Top NGOs in Panchkula – The word NGO stands for Non-Government Organization. These organizations work for the betterment of society and all these NGOs are registered by the government of India. In Panchkula, many rich peoples live Panchkula and they are not only financially rich but also rich from the heart. Most peoples want to donate money for noble causes to the NGOs.

NGO helps the people who have no food, have no shelter, and have no clothes.  Today, we are discussing the top NGOs in Panchkula. We are giving the complete list of top NGOs in Panchkula. If you want to work with NGOs and want to provide help to the NGOs then we are giving the list of some NGOs who need your help. NGOs have particular objectives to work for:

  • Education
  • Women Empowerment
  • Child welfare
  • Addiction Treatment
  • Social Developments

List of Top NGOs in Panchkula:

1. Bal Niketan:

Bal Niketan is an Indian NGO in Panchkula, Haryana. They offer a home for orphans and free medical facilities along with vocational training. Bal Niketan received the National Award for Child Welfare for the year 2000. They also take care of deprived children from the weaker sections of society. Bal Niketan NGO serves the services since 1983 in the field of child development.

Their mission and vision are to provide better services and proper growth and development in all respects. Also, they want all these children to stand on their feet and live with dignity as good citizens of society. They are providing continuous encouragement and motivation to the children to put in their best in studies and other activities. Bal Niketan NGO also focuses on the goals of the children to reach their potential with a positive and forward-looking vision of their future. Thus, Bal Niketan NGO properly took care of the children’s both (boys and girls).

  • Providing good living conditions
  • Imparting good education
  • Continuously reinforcing good values, character building and
  • Overall development of the children

Address: 1111, Panchkula – Badiyal Road, Sector 2, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

2. Gyan Jyoti NGO Panchkula:

Gyan Jyoti is a Non-Government Organization in Panchkula and it was established in the year 2006. Their objective is to help the needy and poor section of society. This NGO was associated with the Haryana Government in improving the health and welfare of society. Gyan Jyoti organized free medical and dental camps and distributed free medicines to the needy and poor people.

Their aim is social welfare, education, and healthcare for the welfare of children, women, old, poor, needy, destitute, orphan, deaf, dumb, and blind. Also, they profoundly believe in providing basic rights to our society like:

  • “The Right to Survival”
  • “Protection right”
  • “The Right to Development”


  • Development of Agricultural Land
  • Organizing and Running of Adult Education
  • Health and Family Planning
  • Community Services
  • Welfare of Youth
  • Wasteland Development
  • Environment Development

Address: # B305, Vikram Vihar, A.W.H.O, Sector – 27, Panchkula, Haryana 134116

3. Bal Sadan Association:

Bal Sadan Association is a leading NGO located in Panchkula, Haryana. Their aim and objective are to establish and maintain a home for orphans and give them personal care, proper education, emotional security, and training facilities. Bal Sadan Association wants to provide them with complete rehabilitation for a confident future.

They think that their charity is for those people who have no home and no hope.  Every child deserves to be taken care of and to have a home and family. It strives towards:

  • Better living standards,
  • Adequate Nutrition
  • Freedom from any kind of abuse and exploitation
  • Right to education
  • Social Security
  • Promoting higher socio-economic standards to the society

Address: I-9, Sector 12-A, Panchkula, Haryana 134115

4. Sarvani NGO:

Sarvani NGO is located in Panchkula, Haryana. This NGO was created by young women to come together and help the urban poor and needy peoples and improve the quality of their lives. Sarvani is leading programs in education, menstrual hygiene, child protection, health and nutrition, and humanitarian response.

Their mission is to bring sustainable change at the grassroots for women, children, and the vulnerable sections of the society which is the vision of Sarvani NGO.

Their Charity Projects:

  • Pure water for poor people
  • Healthy food for poor people
  • Medical facilities for people
  • Pure Education for every children

Address: Raila, Sector 12, Panchkula, Haryana 134115

5. Bal Bhawan Panchkula:

Bal Bhawan NGO is one of the leading NGOs in Panchkula, Haryana. They offer online dance classes. Undertake welfare services and promote both normal and handicapped children. This NGO works so smoothly and works hard.

Bal Bhawan top to bottom level everything is pure and clear that they want to help all the needy peoples to grow. People who have been a part of Bal Bhawan are providing complete support.

Program and Activities of Bal Bhawan Panchkula:

  • Modern Day Care Centre
  • Childline
  • Adoption Window
  • Summer Vacation Camp

Address: Bay No. 19, Sector 14, Panchkula, Chandigarh


Here, to conclude that we are giving the complete list of top NGOs in Panchkula and all these NGOs works for the development of poor and needy peoples. They help adults to improve their skills and quality in achieving a better life. NGOs aim to arrange resources for people to get basic education and a standard of living.

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