Top Pediatrician in Panchkula

Top Pediatricians in Panchkula

 Top Pediatrician in Panchkula – Finding the right pediatrician in Panchkula is not easy. When it comes to children, babies, and infants’ health every parent wants to give their best. You can find several child specialists that claim to be the best. But we know how hard it becomes for the parents to choose one of them. So we are sharing the list of best child specialists in Panchkula which you can trust. All the mentioned child specialists are providing their esteem services for the past several years. So choose them as per your sector and locations.

Need and Importance of Pediatricians

Pediatricians are the expert doctors who only treat children. There is so many Top Pediatrician in Panchkula. They know how to treat sick children with care. A child specialist diagnoses the disease of minor and treats them if the child is suffering from any allergy, asthma, infection, any nutritional disorder, flu, cold, malaria. A Pediatrician treated these diseases very well because they are trained for them.

  • Importance of Pediatrician Explained below d then a pediatrician can treat them and help the child for grow properly.
  • Due to hormonal disorder some children have a problem of bed witting but this disease can be solved by pediatrician.
  • When the children growing they do not eat properly, then parents should be taking some advice of pediatrician how to give them food and what is nutritional for children.
  • In this competitive time children also have mental issue like anxiety, depression, Stress, low confidence, not talk about their problems. Then you can take some counseling from Pediatrician for improvement in your child’s health.

Top Pediatrician in Panchkula:

Now let’s discuss the top Pediatrician in Panchkula in the following. This is general information that we collect from different sources. You must recheck the information before going to the doctor. 

Dr. Gaurav Kaushal :

Dr. Gaurav Kaushal is one of the best pediatricians in Panchkula. Their clinic is located in sector 20. The name of the clinic is Relief Gynae and child clinic. Their fee for the constellation is two hundred. Dr. Gaurav is an experienced, doctor. They have experience of eleven years.  They have a neat and clean clinic. He is an MBBS degree holder and did a diploma in Child Health. He is doing a great job.

 Their clinic is open from Monday to Friday. The doctor is available from 8:00 to 10:00 [morning to evening.  Before going to the clinic you must book an appointment for confirmation from the doctor that he is available or not. Dr. Gaurav also gave online video consultation if you don’t reach the clinic.

Address:  Shop Number 4, first floor, peermuchala, near Tricity Plaza Mall Panchkula.

Doctor Meenakshi Verma:

Dr. Meenakshi Verma is well educated and experienced in her profession of medical Science. She is done MBBS [MD pediatrician]. Dr. Verma serves this profession for the last 16 years with full dedication. Dr. Meenakshi   Verma is passing out from PGI Chandigarh in 2006. She is well Known Pediatrician in Panchkula.  She is working in Sparsh Clinic – The Adult And child Health Care.

 The location of Sparsh Clinic is at Sector 20 Panchkula. The Sparsh hospital is open from Monday to Saturday. Their working hours are 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Before going to the clinic take appointment is necessary. And their consultant fee is 500rs. Per visit.

Address:  SCO 244, first floor, above Raunak Sweets, Panchkula.

Doctor Rajendra Shetty

Dr. Rajendra Shetty is one of the best pediatricians in Panchkula. He is a very educated and experience holder pediatrician. Dr. Sheety’s Qualification is MBBS, MD – pediatrics, DM Pediatric Gastroenterology Pediatrician. He has experience of 25 years in medical Science Services and he gets an advanced degree in Pediatric Gastroenterology from Montefiore Children’s Hospital in New York.

Dr. Shetty worked at Children’s Hospital Clinic. This hospital is located in Sector 5, Panchkula. Their timing is for Monday to Friday is 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and for evening 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Saturday 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm. You can call the hospital for an appointment and any other information. Their fee is 500rs. Dr. Shetty recommends only necessary medicines.

Address: Children’s Hospital Clinic, Sector 5, Panchkula.

Doctor Amit Bishnoi:

Dr. Amit Bishnoi is also well experienced and educated Pediatrician. He has a degree in MBBS, MD Pediatrics. Dr. Bishnoi is worked at life care Hospital in Panchkula.  Dr. Bishnoi serves this profession for many years [18 years approx.]  He is very kind and gentle to their little patients who are so delicate like little flowers. Dr. knows for treatment care and love is important.

Address: Life Care Clinic in Sector 5, Panchkula, opposite Grain Market.[land mark]


Q1: How many Pediatricians in Panchkula?

Ans:  There are so many Pediatricians in Panchkula. Who are very good in their profession of Pediatrician.

Q2: Which Pediatrician is best for New Born in Panchkula?

Ans:  Pediatricians in Panchkula are well qualified and experienced. They always give the best treatments to their patients [newborns, Children]. 

Q3: What is the Qualification of pediatrician and how they are better from other doctors?

Ans: They are done MBBS {MD} in Pediatrician and of them doing advanced diploma or studies in Pediatrician. They are specialists in Pediatrician. All doctors are best in their own Field like every person has a unique quality. So Pediatrician has the quality to treat children in the best way because they know the things to expert level.

Q5: Can Pediatricians give Vaccine to the children?

Ans: Yes, they do vaccination of children from time to time to give protection.


So as the above discussion we can say that pediatrician is very much important and needed for our children. Choose the child specialists as per your budget from the list mentioned above.

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