Top Pet Shops in Mohali

Top Pet Shops in Mohali

Top Pet Shops in Mohali! Pets are adorable and known for their honesty. Everyone loves to have a pet like – dog, cat, parrot, rabbits, turtle, pigeon, and many more. People in Mohali are fond of buying pets and nourishing them.

Our love for animals has introduced us to multiple breeds of Pets. These pets offer incredible love, affection, and care to their pet parents. However, it’s equally important to provide proper care for their growth and well-being. These pets need similar attention as a kid or adult requires, and it becomes an important part of your routine to look after your pets.

Pets can have basic needs as a person could have. Therefore, we should have a well-maintained Pet shop nearby. So, today we are writing about Top Pet Shops in Mohali to cater to all your pet’s needs.

List of Top Pet Stores in Mohali –

A pet parent may need neck chains or shoulder belts, bone toys, serving bowls, pet house or pet toilets and so many other things. Here we have listed the Best pet shops in Mohali to complete your pet’s needs.

All Pet Stores ‘n’ Farms

Since 2000, pet enthusiasts in Chandigarh Tricity and Mohali have been able to purchase the highest-quality animals from ALL PETS Stores ‘n’ Farm, one of the greatest and oldest pet stores in Mohali.

pet shops in chandigarh

The growth story of all pets began approximately 20 years ago. It was a long journey that was made possible by Mr. Deepak Tuli’s passion, dedication, and faith. Mr. Tuli fostered this pastime and is constantly working to advance it for its further growth and development. With a lot of perseverance, ups and downs, experiences gained from learning, and customer service, all pets have eventually won over the hearts of Tri-City pet owners.

In keeping with this enthusiasm, they are running a full-service pet shop and pet farm in Mohali, close to Chandigarh, that sells show-quality pet supplies. They are experienced in the following

  1. Long-term practical experience caring for, breeding, and managing animals and birds in cages.
  2. Own breeding farm.
  3. Attendance in national and international aviculture and exotic pet conferences.
  4. Membership in the Association of Exotic Pets and many avian societies.

Contact Details

DEEPAK TULI – 9814489922

Company Website

Mohali Pet world and fish Aquarium

Mohali Pet world and fish Aquarium was established in 1997. This place is the best option to shop for all kinds of pet products. Mohali pet word is a top player in the business with the availability of all kinds of pet items to fulfill your needs. They attract a huge customer base from Chandigarh, Mohali, and Kharar.

  • Address: – Shop No. – 6, Sec – 55, Phase – 1, Opposite Gaytari Temple Mohali
  • Timings: – Monday – Sunday = 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Bansal Medical & Pet Store

Bansal Medical & Pet Store is also one of the best pet shops in Mohali.  They are available with pet food, pet medicines and bone toys, and many other pet products. Bansal Medical & Pet Store provides best-in-class services for your pets. You can also consult them for medical advice for pets.

  • Address: – Shop No – 3, Bhago Majra Road, Sohana, Near – DGP Farm House

 Mohali – 140308

  • Timings: – Monday – Saturday = 09:00 AM to 08:00 PM

     Sunday = 09:00 AM to 02:00 PM

Sai Jal Sansar

Sai Jal Sansar is a complete pet shop. This is the one-stop solution for your pet’s requirements. You can buy pet diets, aquariums, pet care services, pet training, pet shelters, pet grooming salons, and Animal burials as well. They attract a huge footfall of customer’s for their pet’s requirements

  • Address: – Shop No – 7, Sante Majra, Sec – 115, Opposite – Park Wood Apartment, Near –  City Center Mohali – 140307,
  • Timings: – Monday – Sunday = 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM

Unique Pet Store

Unique Pet Store was established in 2015. This store is topping the chart in the pet shop category. They are an all-in-one solution for your pets. Unique Pet Store serves Chandigarh, Mohali, and clients from nearby cities. Continuous upgrades and increasing list products provide more and more options to customers.

  • Address: – SCO – 3, SEC – 125 ,Verka Market Sunny Enclave, Near-  Gurudwara Sahib Mohali, Kharar – 140301,
  • Timings: – Monday – Sunday = 24 hours open

Pet’s Kingdom

Pet’s kingdom is a boarding farm in the city. They are highly recommended for pet care services. Their farm shelves are mostly stocked with the best price and better services. Pet’s kingdom has pets friendly and knowledgeable staff to provide the best consultancy for your pet.

You can get Dog Hostel, Dog breeding, Dog daycare, training, farm stay, pet adoption, and pet grooming ETC.

  • Address: – SCO -7, Nijjer Road, Near – Sarbloh Motors, Kharar – 140301,
  • Timings: – Monday – Sunday = 24 hours open

Just Dogs

Just Dogs is available in Chandigarh and Mohali as well. Both the shops are available with Pet feeds, Toys, collars, and many other treats.           Having stores in two different locations provides more satisfaction to customers and a wide range of products. Just Dogs store is famous in both the location for selling the best quality and on-time supplies of the products. You can visit there for pet spa, pet adoption, pet hostel, pet grooming, ETC.

  • Address 1: – SCO – 48,49 ground floor, SEC-  9D, Madhya Marg Chandigarh 160009
  • Address 2: – SCO – 67 ground floor, SEC- 64, Phase-10, Mohali 160064
  • Timings: – Monday – Sunday = 11:00 AM to 08:00 PM

Ramal Pet Mall

Ramel Pet Mall was established in 1981.  The shop has the best of the stuff and variety at reasonable rates. All pet’ products are available under one roof. The owners and staff are very cordial. You can get pet food, pet medicines, and many other pet products.

  • Address: – Sco-202, SEC-24D, Main Road, Chandigarh – 160036
  • Timings: – Monday – Saturday = 09:00 AM to 08:30 PM

     Sunday = Closed

Conclusion: –

A huge number of people are petting animals. Therefore, Pet stores are available everywhere in most of the cities. As per the Pet Products Association of India, your pet is mostly given free meals and is welcome in the store.

  • Now it will be easy for you to handle a pet.
  • You can cater all your pet’s needs and explain your family about importance of having a pet.

FAQ– you maght have some questions to know about

Q (1) – What kind of pet products are available?

You can get fist aids for pets, body-Adour sprays, pet shampoos, soaps, and neck chains, shoulder belts, dietary products, and many more.

Q (2) – Can I adopt a pet on these shops?

Yes, the pet shops in Mohali provide adoption services as well.

Q (3) – can I get medicines for pet animals in pet shops?

Yes, these shops are available with basic pet medicines as well.

Q (4) – what kind of pets, we can buy on these shops?

There are varieties of pet animals that you can buy in pet shops Like- dogs, cats, pigeons, rabbits, turtles, white rats, parrots, owls, etc.

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