Top Private Schools in Zirakpur

Top Private Schools in Zirakpur

Top Private Schools in Zirakpur – As we know according to time everything is changed. Either it’s a human or nature or technology. Everything is upgraded as time passes and this is a law of nature. But now we are focusing on studies and discuss how the new digital technology is changing our learning system. Because this is a world of technology now, everything is digital now. Even the payment method changes you can pay online like Google pay, Paytm, online transaction. This is called digitalization.

Due to this, we should also upgrade ourselves and our children. And for children up-gradation school is the best way. Where children learn things and used these things in their daily life routines. And for that, we must search top private schools in zirakpur.  Zirakpur is located at the edge of Panchkula and Chandigarh. Due to this both sides of people can approaches here easily.

Top Private Schools in Zirakpur:

Here is the list of top private schools in Zirakpur and discuss in detail how they work and how these schools are providing their services to us to make our children educated.

Dikshant International School, Zirakpur

Dikshant International School is located at the Zirakpur Panchkula Kalka Highway. This School is run by the Dikshant Educational Society. Dikshant School is listed as one of the topmost schools in Zirakpur. They have CBSE affiliated syllabus with the best and qualified teacher Staff who provided their guidelines and knowledge to the students. This is established in the year 2002 with a very little number of students.  Now Dikshant School has all the classes from primary to higher or even has Secondary level.

  • Dikshant International School provided advanced technology education. Like they have laptop for online assignments and online classes for students.
  • Dikshant School have very good eco-friendly infrastructure.

New Angel Public School, Zirakpur

New Angel public school is situated at Patiala Road in Zirakpur. This School has an ICSE affiliation. New Angel Public School is coming into existence in the year of 1999. The School is managed by New Angel Educational Technical and Training Society. New Angel is co Educational School Branch. They have teachers for students of nursery to higher Senior Secondary Classes. 

  • For kinder garden students they used the method of play way. Due to this method the children of lower classes learned the things very easily and fast.
  • They have so many activities in the school for children like outdoor games, indoor games, chess, football, volleyball.
  • Due to these activities students enjoy the learning with fun.

VB International Senior Secondary School, Ziarkpur

The School is located on the opposite side of metro Ambala Zirakpur highway. VB International School is established in the year 2005. And the School is managed by the Vishav Bharti Educational Society. And Management gives the authority to the school principal to manage the School.

  • The VB International School is affiliated from CBSE board.
  • VB International School is focusing on ancient Indian culture, our rituals, traditions, Heritage. 
  • The School focus on that how our cultural values and traditions will our new generation and how they implement it.
  • They know the Indian cultural is very rich and due this the students of their school also gain and adept that.

EME Public School, Zirakpur

The EME Public School is counted as the best school in Ziarkpur.  EME Public School is placed in the top position because of the Google survey.  This School is located at VIP Road Zirakpur.  The Affiliation of School is From the ICSE board. They have classes from nursery to tenth. EME School is well known for kinder garden classes. They are providing the best services for kinder garden students.

  • Teachers of school handle small kids very politely and patiently.
  • Kids feel very happy because they learn things with so much fun.
  • They treat kids like flowers and along that they educate them.

    GS Memorial Public Senior Secondary School, Zirakpur

GS Memorial Public Senior Secondary School comes into existence in 2000. And this is situated at Ambala Zirakpur highway. GS School has the facility that they can maintain and run the classes from primary classes to Senior Secondary Classes. The higher educated teachers are the backbone of the School.

  • The GS Public School follows the CCE curriculum.
  • They provide mid-day meal to the students.
  • Their student and teachers ratio 1\15. So students can easily solve their queries.
  • GS School has fine art crafted infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions About top Private School in Zirakpur

Q1: Which School is Best for kinder Garden Children in Zirakpur.

Ans:  In Zirakpur for kinder garden children so many best schools which gives them a friendly and lovely environment for their learning process.

Q2 :  What is the Fee Structure in Convent Schools?

Ans:  In convent Schools fee structure is high in comparison to other schools. But they have a good quality of education and make children strong and independent.   

Q3: Which School has good Transport Services for Students?

Ans:  Most of the school has good Transportation services for children.

Q4:  Which School is Best for ICSE Board for Primary Classes?

Ans:  Primary classes are the basis of education so most schools give their 100% to improve the learning capacity of kids. So ICSE board and other boards are good for learning.

Q5: Which School has Extra Curriculum Activities?

Ans: Because now everybody is aware of new technology and other activities in the school. So every school provides these extra active like dancing, drama, singing.   


So here are the lots of detail discuss the top private Schools in Zirakpur. We discuss how the top most school works. And what type of teaching technique they are used for their students to get good and full results. We learn which type of extra actives are used by teachers for the mental and physical growth of children. How they behave in society and how these little kids become responsible. How do the children adapt to our culture and our tradition our rituals our values? These are all things a child learns in school. Due to all these reasons, the selection of the best school is very important.

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